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Year of the Dragon Details


Best known for his 1978 film or perhaps the less-successful , director Michael Cimino turned to this fast-paced actioner set in an authentic (back lot) Chinatown. This thriller stars a rogue Polish-American cop (Mickey Rourke) out to not only keep Chinatown safe for the local consumers, but to dismantle its deep-rooted crime and drug cartels as well. No one backs the crusading cop in the latter objective, and as he faces a suave and wily crime boss (John Lone of John Lone) and a libidinous newscaster (Ariane), he may be taking on more than he can handle. At least his wife thinks so, and the guys at City Hall think so -- but mayhem and murder will strew the streets with corpses before the smoke clears and the dust settles, and a vague, unresolved future sets in. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, Rovi


Mickey Rourke
as Stanley White
John Lone
as Joey Tai
Leonard Termo
as Angelo Rizzo
Caroline Kava
as Connie White
Eddie Jones
as William McKenna
Joey Chin
as Ronnie Chang
Mark Hammer
as Commissioner
Dennis Dun
as Herbert Kwong
Harry Yip
as Old General
Lucille D'Agnillo
as Mrs. Bukowski
Emily Woo
as Mrs. Wong
Billy Asai
as Shanghai Palace Musician
Gloria Au
as Joey Tai's Daughter
Bruno Millotti
as Italian Waiter
Cecelia Pei
as Harry Yung's Secretary
Joseph Bonaventura
as Lagnese
Kader Ma
as Jackie Wong's Assassin
Jadin Wong
as Mrs. Harry Yung
Aileen Ho
as Jade Cobra Girl
Jilly Rizzo
as Schiro
Josie Lee
as Dragon King Girl
Jimmy Sun
as Elder
Pat Fuji
as Shanghai Palace Hostess
Jeff Khowong
as Jade Cobra Boy
James Scales
as Connie's Assassin
Doreen Chan
as Red Hair
Carmine Venezia
as Funeral Musician
Jerry Chan
as Jade Cobra Boy
Vallo Benjamin
as DEA Man
Irene Jung
as Dragon King Girl
Matthew Tung
as Southwind Waiter
George Kodisch
as Police Sergeant
Paul L.Q. Lee
as Jackie Wong's Son
Tony Lip
as Lenny Carranza
Fabia Drake
as Nun
Manny Fung
as Jackie Wong's 2nd Son
Raymond Gardner
as Funeral Musician
Steve Hanson
as Funeral Musician
Keenan Leung
as Pei Brother
Matthew Castiglione
as Funeral Musician
Michael Acampora
as Funeral Musician
Jack Kehler
as Alan Perez
Janice Wong
as Tina
Gardell Tung
as Jade Cobra Boy
Tisa Chang
as Nun
Johnny Shia
as Chia
Myra Chen
as Shanghai Palace Singer
Victor Wong
as Harry Yung
Kuni Mikami
as Shanghai Palace Musician
James Chin
as Southwind Waiter
Paul Scaglione
as Teddy Tedesco
Yukio Yamamoto
as Ban Sung
Richie Hsiu
as Dragon King Boy
Joanna Merlin


Michael Cimino
Dino de Laurentiis
Oliver Stone
Michael Cimino
Stanley Mann
Alex Thomson
David Mansfield
Composer (Music Score)
Lucia Hwong
Composer (Music Score)
Françoise Bonnot
Wolf Kroeger
Production Designer
Victoria Paul
Art Director
Gretchen Rau
Set Designer
Randy Ostrow
Set Designer
Marietta Ciriello
Costume Designer
Debby Porter
Alberto Fava
Makeup Special Effects