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X2: X-Men United Details


When a failed assassination attempt occurs on the President's ([[Performer~P66388~Cotter Smith~cottersmith]]) life by the teleporting mutant Nightcrawler ([[Performer~P16130~Alan Cumming~alancumming]]), it's Professor Xavier ([[Performer~P68265~Patrick Stewart~patrickstewart]]) and his School for Gifted Youngsters who are targeted for the crime. While Jean Grey ([[Performer~P35232~Famke Janssen~famkejanssen]]) and Storm ([[Performer~P5863~Halle Berry~halleberry]]) try and locate the assassin, Cyclops ([[Performer~P232716~James Marsden~jamesmarsden]]) and Xavier (also known as 'Professor X') seek answers from their old foe Magneto ([[Performer~P47684~Ian McKellan~ianmckellen]]) in his glass cell...Little do they know they're walking into a trap set by the villainous William Stryker ([[Performer~P86106~Brian Cox~briancox]]), a mysterious governmental figure that figures into Wolverine's ([[Performer~P269258~Hugh Jackman~hughjackman]]) secretive past, along with information about the X-Men's operation, supplied by Magneto through a mind-controlling agent. Meanwhile Wolverine, just home from a failed mission to regain his memory, is in charge of the students when a crack-commando team led by Stryker infiltrates the school by order of the President. With a mansion full of young, powerful mutants and the ferocious Wolverine in babysitter mode, can he defend the school against the one man who can answer his questions? What roles do the sinister Mystique ([[Performer~P270543~Rebecca Romijn-Stamos~rebeccaromijn]]) and Lady Deathstrike ([[Performer~P33663~Kelly Hu~kellyhu]]) have in all of this? Why does Stryker want Professor X and his Cerebro machine? With the war between humanity and mutants escalating to extremes, can the rest of the X-Men trust their old foes to help them? Director [[Performer~P193696~Bryan Singer~bryansinger]] returns and raises the stakes in this sequel to the highly lauded 2000 adaptation of Marvel Comics' X-Men. ~ Jeremy Wheeler, Rovi

  • Release date:May 2, 2003


Patrick Stewart
as Prof. Charles Xavier, AKA 'Professor X'
Hugh Jackman
as Wolverine
Ian McKellen
as Magneto
Halle Berry
as Storm
Brian Cox
as William Stryker
Famke Janssen
as Dr. Jean Grey
Alan Cumming
as Kurt Wagner, AKA Nightcrawler
Rebecca Romijn
as Mystique
James Marsden
as Cyclops
Bruce Davison
as Senator Kelly
Shawn Ashmore
as Bobby Drake/Iceman
Aaron Stanford
as John/Pyro
Kelly Hu
as Anne Reynolds, AKA Yuriko Oyama, AKA Lady Deathstrike
Anna Paquin
as Rogue
Katie Stuart
as Kitty Pryde
Kea Wong
as Jubilee
Ty Olsson
as Mitchell Laurio
Connor Widdows
as Jones
Michael Reid Mackay
as Jason 143
Sideah Alladice
as X-Kid
Peter Wingfield
as Lyman
Bryce Hodgson
as Arthur "Artie" Maddicks
James N. Kirk
as Ronny Drake
Jermaine Lopez
as X-Kid
Daniel Cudmore
as Piotr Rasputin, AKA Colossus
Nolan Funk
as X-Kid
Steve Bacic
as Hank McCoy, AKA Beast
Jill Teed
as Madeline Drake
Dylan Kussman
as Wilkins
Alfred E. Humphreys
as Steven Drake
Keely Purvis
as Little Girl 143
Cotter Smith
as President McKenna


Bryan Singer
Lauren Shuler-Donner
Ralph Winter
Michael Dougherty
Dan Harris
Zak Penn
Screen Story
Bryan Singer
Screen Story
Bryan Singer
David Hayter
Screen Story
David Hayter
Newton Thomas Sigel
John Ottman
Composer (Music Score)
John Ottman
Elliot Graham
Guy H. Dyas
Production Designer
Geoff Hubbard
Supervising Art Director
Ross Fanger
Kevin Feige
Kevin Feige
Associate Producer
David Gorder
Associate Producer
Stan Lee
Executive Producer
Avi Arad
Executive Producer
Tom Desanto
Executive Producer
Bryan Singer
Executive Producer
Margot Ready
Set Designer
Elizabeth Wilcox
Set Designer
Dan Hermansen
Set Designer
Milena Zdravkovic
Set Designer
Andrew Li
Set Designer
Dean Wolcott
Set Designer
Allan Galajda
Set Designer
Nancy Brown
Set Designer
Luke Freeborn
Set Designer
Louise Mingenbach
Costume Designer
Rob Young
Sound/Sound Designer
Lee Cleary
First Assistant Director
Roger Mussenden
Gary Capo
Additional Cinematography
Brian Smrz
Second Unit Director