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Wolfen, a frightening horror movie based upon a novel by Whitley Strieber, concerns Detective Dewey Wilson (Albert Finney), who gets assigned to investigate the strange murder of a millionaire and his wife in a downtown park. Wilson and his friend, city coroner Whittington (Gregory Hines), aided by criminal psychologist Rebecca Neff (Diane Venora) connect the killing to those of several others, primarily winos, drug addicts and derelicts, all of whom seem to have been mutilated by wild animals. Their search leads them to a group of Native Americans led by Edward James Olmos who tell them of a legend of a superior species that once roamed the area, but now are living and hunting in the slums of New York. The film is engrossing, frightening and intelligent, with sensational special effects. Director Michael Wadleigh uses these effects to great advantage, frequently showing the movements of the characters through the eyes of the "Wolfen." This film is also the screen debut of Hines. ~ Linda Rasmussen, Rovi


Albert Finney
as Dewey Wilson
Diane Venora
as Rebecca Neff
Edward James Olmos
as Eddie Holt
Gregory Hines
as Whittington
Tom Noonan
as Ferguson
Dick O'Neill
as Warren
Dehl Berti
as Old Indian
Peter Michael Goetz
as Ross
Sarah Felder
as Cicely Rensselaer
Reginald VelJohnson
as Morgue Attendant
Linda Gary
Robert Moberly
Charles Howerton
Cullen Oliver Johnson
Mel Welles
Rino Thunder
as Native American
Frank Adonis
as Scola
E. Brian Dean
as Fouchek
Tom Waits
as Song Performer - Jitterbug Boy
Donald Symington
as Lawyer
James Tolkan
as Baldy
Jeff Ware
as Interrogation Operator
Tommy Ryan
as Detective
Michael Wadleigh
as Terrorist Informer
Ralph Bell
as Commissioner
Jery Hewitt
as Victim
Ray Serra
as Detective
Victor Arnold
as Roundenbush
Annie Gagen
Corey Burton
as ESS Voices
Caitlin O'Heaney
Richard Minchenberg
as Policeman
Roy Brocksmith
as Fat Jogger in Park
Sam Gray
as Mayor


Michael Wadleigh
Rupert Hitzig
David M. Eyre, Jr.
David M. Eyre, Jr.
Michael Wadleigh
Whitley Strieber
Book Author
Gerry Fisher
James Horner
Composer (Music Score)
Craig Safan
Composer (Music Score)
Chris Lebenzon
Paul Sylbert
Production Designer
David Chapman
Art Director
Alan King
Executive Producer
Alan Hicks
Set Designer
John Boxer
Costume Designer
Steven Felder
First Assistant Director
Alex Hapsas
First Assistant Director
Steve James
Cis Corman
Carl Fullerton
Makeup Special Effects