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The Wizard Details


In this comedy, Corey Woods (Fred Savage) sneaks his emotionally disturbed little brother, Jimmy (Luke Edwards) out of the home he has been placed in, and sets off on a trip across the country. Along the way they team up with young Haley (Jenny Lewis), and together they discover that the silent Jimmy has a gift for playing video games. With this newfound information, the trio sets off for a video game competition in California, pursued by a number of concerned relatives. ~ Iotis Erlewine, Rovi

  • Release date:December 15, 1989


Fred Savage
as Corey Woods
Beau Bridges
as Sam Woods
Christian Slater
as Nick Woods
Luke Edwards
as Jimmy Woods
Jenny Lewis
as Haley
Will Seltzer
as Putnam
Sam McMurray
as Bateman
Wendy Phillips
as Christine
Stephen Grives
as Armageddon Announcer
Roderick Dexter
as Trucker #1
Jacqueline Lear
as Bubblegum Girl
Beth Grant
as Diner Manager
Thomas Stanczyk
as Rick, the Video Counselor
David D'Ovidio
as Armageddon Official
Gene Skillen
as Stickman
Roy Conrad
as Bus Clerk
Sonny Dukes
as Biker
Jackey Vinson
as Lucas
Rowdy Metzger
as Tough Teen
Tom Kerley
as Pinball Teen
Vincent Leahr
as Tate
Marisa de Simone
as Mora Grissom
Jason Oliver
as Tough Teen
Ray Bickel
as Trucker
Gregor Hesse
as Younger Boy
Frank McRae
as Spanky
Blair Anthony
as Hotel Security
Lee Arenberg
as Armageddon Registrar
Chuck Skinner
as Grease Monkey
Jim Pirri
as Studio Tour Guide


Todd Holland
Lindsley Parsons, Jr.
David Chisholm
Robert Yeoman
Tom Finan
Michael Mayer
Production Designer
Rob Sissman
Art Director
Ken Topolsky
David Chisholm
Claire Jenora Bowin
Set Designer
Scilla Andreen-Hernandez
Costume Designer
Eddie Surkin
Special Effects
Lynne Eagan