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The early days of the AIDS crisis in France provides the backdrop for this powerful, life-affirming drama from writer and director André Téchiné. It's 1984, and Mehdi (Sami Bouajila) is a police detective who, unbeknownst to his wife Sarah (Emmanuelle Béart), is a bisexual who has occasional trysts with men. Mehdi and Sarah are proud parents of a new baby, but to Mehdi's chagrin, Sarah doesn't seem the least bit concerned about her responsibilities as a mom. Manu (Johan Libereau) is a handsome young man who shares a flat with his sister Julie (Julie Depardieu), who is struggling to make a career as an opera singer. And Adrien (Michel Blanc) is a middle-aged doctor and close friend of Sarah who occasionally picks up younger men in the park, and nearly seduces Manu one evening. Adrien joins Sarah and Mehdi for an idyllic weekend at the beach, where Manu once again crosses his path; however, Manu also meets Mehdi when he saves the detective from drowning, and the two soon become lovers. Several months later, Manu has discovered he's contracted a strange and deadly new disease doctors are calling AIDS, which has a dramatic impact on many of the people he knows. Mehdi has confessed his infidelity to Sarah, and they wait to find out if they also have AIDS, while Adrien is devoting most of his days to treating Manu and other young men who are wasting away under the effects of the illness, and Julie helps to care for her dying brother. The Witnesses (aka Les Témoins) received its premiere at the 2006 Berlin Film Festival. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:February 1, 2008


Michel Blanc
as Adrien
Emmanuelle Béart
as Sarah
Sami Bouajila
as Mehdi
Julie Depardieu
as Julie
Johan Libereau
as Manu
Constance Dolle
Lorenzo Balducci
as Steve
Alain Cauchi
as Chief of Police
Michèle Moretti
Oscar Aima
as Baby 2
Vladimir Alexinsky
as Baby 3
Raphaeline Goupilleau
as Manu and Julie's Mother
Bertrand Soulier
as Doctor 1
Jacques Nolot
as Hotel Manager
Xavier Beauvois
as Sarah's Publisher
Satya Dusaugey
as Young Man in Park
Jean-Marie Besset
as Operating Theatre Assistant


André Téchiné
Saïd Ben Saïd
Said Ben Said
Viviane Zingg
André Téchiné
Laurent Guyot
Julien Hirsch
Daniela Romano
Musical Direction/Supervision
Laurent Balandras
Musical Direction/Supervision
Philippe Sarde
Composer (Music Score)
Martine Giordano
Michele Abbe
Production Designer
Khadija Zeggai
Costume Designer
Claire Tong
Costume Designer
Jean-Paul Mugel
Sound/Sound Designer
Yvon Crenn
Production Manager
Cyril Holtz
Sound Mixer
Abraham Goldblat
Post Production Supervisor
Francis Wargnier
Sound Editor
Pierre Chevallier
Location Manager
Christophe Duroyaume
Albert Blasius
Unit Production Manager
Marie-Julie Maille
Additional Editing
Dominique Colladant
Makeup Special Effects
Cedric Gerard
Key Make-up
Pascal Martin
Michel Nasri
Assistant Director

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