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Without Reservations has to be the least typical John Wayne picture of the postwar era. Top billing is bestowed upon Claudette Colbert as Kit, a best-selling novelist heading westward to oversee the film version of her latest novel. Taking it upon herself to select the man who should portray the hero of her novel, Kit chooses war hero Rusty (John Wayne), whom she meets during her train trip to Hollywood. Unaware of Kit's true identity, Rusty and his pal Dink (Don DeFore) rail against the factual errors in her book. One thing leads to another, and before long Kit, Rusty and Dink have all been thrown off the train for annoying the other passengers. After a hectic stopover at a New Mexico farm, Kit reveals who she really is to Rusty and Dink, who are understandably put out. All is forgiven in the end, of course, with Kit and Rusty altar-bound at fadeout time. The Hollywood scenes feature such guest celebrities as Cary Grant, Louella Parsons and Jack Benny; and yes, that is an unbilled Raymond Burr as Claudette Colbert's dancing partner. Without Reservations was based on Jane Allen and May Livingston's novel Thanks, God, I'll Take it From Here (too bad they couldn't use that title!) ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


Claudette Colbert
as Christopher "Kit" Madden
John Wayne
as Rusty Thomas
Don DeFore
as Dink Watson
Anne Triola
as Consuela "Connie" Callaghan
Dona Drake
as Dolores
Louella Parsons
as Herself
Thurston Hall
as Henry Baldwin
Frank Puglia
as Ortega
Charles Arnt
as Salesman
Marvin Miller
as Radio announcer
Henry Hastings
as Waiter
Griff Barnett
as Ticket collector
Jean Wong
as Reporter
Raymond Burr
as Paul Gill
Harry Hayden
as Randall, Albuquerque hotel clerk
Jesse Graves
as Porter
John Bleifer
as Coal Heaver
William Benedict
as Telegram boy
Ernest Anderson
as Waiter
Leona Maricle
as Baldwin's Secretary
Tom Chatterton
as Pullman Conductor
Lisa Golm
as Alma
Minerva Urecal
as Book club member
Cary Grant
as Himself
Frank Wilcox
as Jack
Eric Alden
as Chauffeur
John Crawford
Cy Kendall
as Lawyer
Erskine Sanford
as Tim
Robin Short
Charles Moore
as Redcap
Paul Gustine
as Traveler
Nanette Vallon
Peter Michael
Billy O'Leary
as Candy Butcher
Wallace Scott
Ruth Roman
as Bit Part
Henry Vroom
Oscar O'Shea
as Conductor
Ian Wolfe
as Gibbs, reporter
Lorin Raker
as Mr. Klotch
Charlie Hall
as Window Washer
Joel Fluellen
as Waiter in Club Car
Lela Bliss
as Mrs. Randolph
Tom Hubbard
Sam McDaniel
as Train porter
Mervyn LeRoy
as Diner
Dudley Dickerson
as Redcap
John Kellogg
Harry Evans
Junius Matthews
as Porter
Grayce Hampton
as Lois
Jan Wiley
as Manicurist
Jack Parker
Harry Holman
as Gas Station Attendant
Russ Whiteman
as Sailor
Will Wright
as Ticket collector
Esther Howard
as Book club member
Frank Dae
as Man with Book
Harry Strang
as Policeman
Joe Haworth
as Marine
Dolores Moran
as Herself
Fred Coby
as French officer


Mervyn LeRoy
Jesse Lasky
Mae Livingston
Book Author
Milton Krasner
Constantin Bakaleinikoff
Musical Direction/Supervision
Roy Webb
Composer (Music Score)
Jack Ruggiero
Ralph Berger
Art Director
Albert S. D'Agostino
Art Director
Darrell Silvera
Set Designer
Clem Portman
Sound/Sound Designer
Clifford Stine
Special Effects
Vernon Walker
Special Effects
Lloyd Richards
First Assistant Director