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Based on a popular series of video games, Wing Commander introduces us to an elite fighter squadron in the year 2654. The Earth confederation is at war with a vicious race called the Kilrathi. The Kilrathi have captured a navigational device which will allow them to jump through worm-holes in space to arrive behind enemy lines. Only this highly trained squadron, led by three young pilots, stand in their way. Christopher "Maverick" Blair (Freddie Prinze Jr.) is just out of the Academy, but his lack of experience is more than compensated by his exceptional navigational skills, though he is still haunted by the deaths of his parents in a previous galactic war. His friend, Todd "Maniac" Mashall (Matthew Lillard), is a brash, gung-ho fighter jock always rushing into danger. Their wing commander and leader is Jeanette "Angel" Deveraux (Saffron Burrows). Assigned these two new pilots by Admiral Geoffery Tolwyn (David Warner), the strong and beautiful Deveraux is at first resentful, but later develops feelings for Blair. Perhaps the two will find time for romance on their way to saving the solar system. ~ Ron Wells, Rovi

  • Release date:March 12, 1999


Todd Moyer
Kevin Droney
Kevin Droney
Screen Story
Thierry Arbogast
Kevin Kiner
Composer (Music Score)
Peter Lamont
Production Designer
Ken Court
Art Director
Alan Tomkins
Art Director
Simon Lamont
Art Director
Simon Bowles
Art Director
Mark Harris
Art Director
James Hambridge
Art Director
Jean-Martial Lefranc
Executive Producer
Neil Young
Executive Producer
Joseph Newton Cohen
Executive Producer
Romain Schroeder
Executive Producer
Magali Guidasci
Costume Designer
John Rodda
Sound/Sound Designer
Kieron Phipps
First Assistant Director
Christian Kaplan
Tom Reeve
Line Producer