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Wind Chill Details


Two college students heading home for the holidays break down on a lonesome stretch of highway, only to find themselves targeted by the malevolent spirits of other travelers who met their end on the same road in a supernatural road movie directed by Greg Jacobs, and produced by Steven Soderbergh and George Clooney. All she (Emily Blunt) wanted was to make it back home to Delaware for the holidays. Though her classmate (Ashton Holmes) has a working car and is happy to oblige by offering a ride, it quickly becomes apparent that the boy has been admiring her from afar for the entire semester. After hours of traveling on the lonesome snow swept roads, an ill-advised shortcut finds the young pair side swiped by a speeding car and hopelessly stuck in a massive snow bank. Now stranded in a cell-phone dead zone with nothing to eat and no heat, the pair gradually begins to suspect that they're not alone in this beautiful but foreboding landscape. After a run-in with a malevolent cop (Martin Donovan) provides little hope for rescue, a series of frightening apparitions begin to emerge from the chilly surroundings to suggest that these two students weren't the first to face a life or death struggle on this treacherous stretch of road. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

  • Release date:April 27, 2007


Greg Jacobs
Peter Czernin
Graham Broadbent
Steven Katz
Joe Gangemi
Dan Laustsen
Clint Mansell
Composer (Music Score)
Lee Percy
Howard Cummings
Production Designer
Kelvin Humenny
Art Director
Peter Lhotka
Ben Cosgrove
Executive Producer
Steven Soderbergh
Executive Producer
George Clooney
Executive Producer
Michael Toby
Set Designer
Trish Keating
Costume Designer
Carol Lavallee
Set Decorator
Larry Blake
Sound/Sound Designer
Roger Stafeckis
Sound/Sound Designer
Trey Batchelor
First Assistant Director
Amanda Mackey
Cathy Sandrich Gelfond
Larry Blake
Re-Recording Mixer
Jon Cowley
Visual Effects Supervisor
Mark Mangini
Re-Recording Mixer