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A rock star decides he'd rather rule the free world than just sell records in this ambitious fusion of political satire and teen exploitation. Teenage rebel Max Flatow (Christopher Jones) has grown tired of life in suburbia with his domineering mother (Shelley Winters) and weak-willed father (Bert Freed), and, having saved up 800 dollars he earned by selling home-brewed LSD to his schoolmates, he blows up the family car with a makeshift bomb and strikes out on his own. A few years later, Max has adopted the name Max Frost, and is one of the world's biggest rock stars, selling millions of records and earning a fortune from concert appearances and music publishing. Max has learned firsthand about the buying power of America's youth, and when Sen. John Fergis (Hal Holbrook) asks Max to appear at a "youth rally" to mobilize younger voters, he realizes the kids could also sway an election if they wanted. At Fergis' rally, Max debuts a new song, "Fourteen or Fight," which demands the voting age be reduced to 14; the youth respond by rising up in support of Max's demands, reducing many American cities to a standstill. As political leaders bow to public pressure, the age of suffrage is reduced to 15, but rather than choosing candidates to support, Max decides it's time he and his inner circle took control. After Max doses Washington, D.C.'s water supply with LSD, congress votes to make any registered voter eligible to hold federal office, and before long Max Frost has become president of the United States. Once in office, Max unveils a bold plan to once and for all do something about people over 30 -- including his parents. Wild in the Streets features an early screen appearance from Richard Pryor as drummer and political activist Stanley X, while media personalities Dick Clark, Walter Winchell, Army Archerd, and Melvin Belli portray themselves. Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil wrote the songs for fictional rockers "Max Frost and the Troopers," including the hit single "The Shape of Things to Come." ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:May 29, 1968


Awarded by
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Eve Newman Best Editing 1968 Nominee


Shelley Winters
as Mrs. Flatow
Diane Varsi
as Sally Leroy
Hal Holbrook
as Sen. John Fergus
Millie Perkins
as Mrs. Fergus
Richard Pryor
as Stanley X
Larry Bishop
as Abraham
Kevin Coughlin
as Billy Cage
Michael Margotta
as Jimmy Fergus
Don Wyndham
as Joseph Fergus
Kellie Flanagan
as Young Mary Fergus
May Ishihara
as Fuji
Salli Sachse
as Hippie Mother
Paul H. Frees
as Narrator
Louis Lomax
as Louis Lomax
Kenneth Banghart
as Kenneth Banghart
Jack Latham
as Jack Latham
Dick Clark
as TV Newscaster
Bert Freed
as Max Jacob Flatow, Sr.
Barry Williams
Walter Winchell
as Himself
Dick Clark
as TV Newscaster
Bert Freed
as Max Jacob Flatow, Sr.


Barry Shear
Samuel Z. Arkoff
Burt Topper
James H. Nicholson
Robert Thom
Cynthia Weil
Composer (Music Score)
Les Baxter
Composer (Music Score)
Eve Newman
Harry Reif
Set Designer
Richard Bruno
Costume Designer