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The Wild Pussycat Details


Nick (Dean Byron) is the pimp who forces his girlfriend to subject herself to sodomy and other sex acts for the pleasure of lecherous voyeurs. When the young girl commits suicide, her sister Nadia (Gizela Dalli) reads her sister's diary and discovers Nick's abusive treatment lead to her sister's death. Seeking revenge, the buxom blonde stalks the sadistic pimp. Nick is drugged and taken to a room with a one way mirror. Nadia forces him to watch as she makes love to the delivery boy, Nick's new girlfriend, and a strange gentleman before taking them all on at once. The frustrated prisoner goes progressively mad watching the erotic proceedings before he is castrated by the vengeful Nadia. She finally releases him, but he has lost all human reason as he foams at the mouth like a mad dog. Unable to perform sexually, he runs out on the street and collapses as the public watches his pathetic humiliation with sardonic delight. ~ Dan Pavlides, Rovi


Paul Dillon
as Delivery Boy


Dimis Dadiras