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Harold Lloyd plays a millionaire who suffers from imaginary illness in this memorable comedy. With the help of a beautiful nurse (Jobyna Ralston) and valet Mr. Phipps (Wallace Howe), he travels to South America to regain his health. Harold arrives during a political uprising and believes the rival factions are putting on a show for his benefit. He soon lands in jail with the giant Colosso (John Aasen), who is suffering from a toothache. Harold helps the behemoth remove the afflicted molar and the two become fast friends. Colosso and Harold escape confinement and manage to defeat both revolutionary groups in hilarious slapstick fashion. A search for the nurse reveals she has been kidnapped by the villainous Jim Blake (James Mason). Harold overcomes his hypochondria when he saves the nurse from her captor. The giant, the millionaire, and the nurse return to Los Angeles where Harold gets his large friend a job as a traffic cop and marries the girl. The comic contrast between Lloyd and Aasen is striking in this Hal Roach production, the last in which the talented comic would appear. He would soon form his own production company and continue to provide millions with his memorable comedy films. ~ Dan Pavlides, Rovi

  • Release date:September 2, 1923


Harold Lloyd
as Harold Van Pelham
Jobyna Ralston
as The Nurse
Leo White
as Herculeo
Sam Lufkin
as Soldier
Lee Phelps
as Guest
Sam Lufkin
as Soldier


Fred Newmeyer
Sam Taylor
Hal Roach
Sam Taylor
Walter Lundin

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