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Who Framed Roger Rabbit Details


In Robert Zemeckis's trailblazing combination of animation and live-action, Hollywood's 1940s cartoon stars are a subjugated minority, living in the ghettolike "Toontown" where their movements are sharply monitored by the human power establishment. The Toons are permitted to perform in a Cotton Club-style nightspot but are forbidden to patronize the joint. One of Toontown's leading citizens, whacked-out Roger Rabbit, is framed for the murder of human nightclub owner Marvin Acme (Stubby Kaye). Private detective Eddie Valiant (Bob Hoskins), whose prejudice against Toons stems from the time that his brother was killed by a falling cartoon piano, reluctantly agrees to clear Roger of the accusation. Most of the sociopolitical undertones of the original novel were weeded out out of the 1988 film version, with emphasis shifted to its basic "evil land developer" plotline --and, more enjoyably, to a stream of eye-popping special effects. With the combined facilities of animator Richard Williams, Disney, Warner Bros., Steven Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment, and George Lucas's Industrial Light and Magic, the film allows us to believe (at least for 90 minutes) that "toons" exist, and that they are capable of interacting with 3-dimensional human beings. Virtually every major cartoon character of the late 1940s shows up, with the exceptions of Felix the Cat and Popeye the Sailor, whose licensees couldn't come to terms with the producers. Of the film's newly minted Toons, the most memorable is Roger Rabbit's curvaceous bride Jessica (voiced, uncredited, by Kathleen Turner). The human element is well-represented by Hoskins, Christopher Lloyd, and Joanna Cassidy; also watch for action-film producer Joel Silver as Roger Rabbit's Tex Avery-style director. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

  • Release date:December 2, 1988


Awarded by
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Ken Ralston Best Visual Effects 1988 Winner
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Robert Knudson Best Sound 1988 Nominee
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Tony Dawe Best Sound 1988 Nominee
Hollywood Foreign Press Association Bob Hoskins Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy 1988 Nominee
Directors Guild of America Robert Zemeckis Best Director 1988 Nominee
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Edward Jones Best Visual Effects 1988 Winner
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Arthur Schmidt Best Editing 1988 Winner
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Peter Howitt Best Art Direction 1988 Nominee
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Dean Cundey Best Cinematography 1988 Nominee
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Don Digirolamo Best Sound 1988 Nominee


Bob Hoskins
as Eddie Valiant
Christopher Lloyd
as Judge Doom
Joanna Cassidy
as Dolores
Charles Fleischer
as Greasy
Charles Fleischer
as Roger Rabbit
Stubby Kaye
as Marvin Acme
Alan Tilvern
as R.K. Maroon
Joel Silver
as Raoul Raoul, Director
Betsy Brantley
as Jessica Rabbit, performance model
Kathleen Turner
as Jessica Rabbit (uncredited)
Amy Irving
as Jessica Rabbit's (Singing)
Lou Hirsch
as Baby Herman
Mel Blanc
as Daffy Duck
Morgan Deare
as Editor, Bongo the Gorilla
Mae Questel
as Betty Boop
Tony Anselmo
as Donald Duck
Joe Alaskey
as Yosemite Sam
June Foray
as Wheezy, Lena Hyena
Wayne Allwine
as Mickey Mouse
Russie Taylor
as Minnie Mouse
Russie Taylor
as birds
Tony Pope
as Goofy, Wolf
Cherry Davis
as Woody Woodpecker
Peter Westy
as Pinocchio
Frank Sinatra
as Singing Sword
Eugene Guirterrez
as Teddy Valiant
Jim Cummings
as Bullet
Andrew Bradford
Billy Mitchell
as Forensic
Lindsay Holiday
as Soldier
Christopher Hollosy
as Kid
Michael Edmonds
as Midget
Laura Frances
as Blonde Starlet
Mel Blanc
as Porky Pig
Mel Blanc
as Bugs Bunny
Mel Blanc
as Sylvester
Mel Blanc
as Tweety Bird
Pat Buttram
as Bullet
David L. Lander
as Smart Ass
Sadie Corré
Fred Newman
as Stupid
Richard Ridings
as Angelo
Les Perkins
as Toad
Paul Springer
as Augie
Joel Cutrara
as Forensic
April Winchell
as Mrs. Herman
Charles Fleischer
as Benny the Cab
Del Baker
Charles Fleischer
as Psycho
Peter Diamond
Ed Herlihy
as Newscaster
John-Paul Sipla
as Kid
Edwin Craig
as Arthritic Cowboy
James O'Connell
as Conductor
Jim Gallant
as Bullet
Danny Capri
as Kid


Robert Zemeckis
Peter S. Seaman
Jeffrey Price
Dean Cundey
Alan Silvestri
Composer (Music Score)
Arthur Schmidt
Stephen Scott
Art Director
Bill McAllister
Art Director
Frank Marshall
Steve Starkey
Associate Producer
Steven Saxton
Associate Producer
Don Hahn
Associate Producer
Steven Spielberg
Executive Producer
Kathleen Kennedy
Executive Producer
Robert R. Benton
Set Designer
Peter Howitt
Set Designer
Joanna Johnston
Costume Designer
Tony Dawe
Sound/Sound Designer
Michael Evje
Sound/Sound Designer
Peter Biggs
Special Effects
David Watkin
Special Effects
Tony Dunsterville
Special Effects
Brian Lince
Special Effects
David McGiffert
First Assistant Director
Michael Murray
First Assistant Director
Phil Nibbelink
Andreas Deja
Simon Wells
Dale Baer
Raymond Stella
Camera Operator
Peter Diamond
Patricia Carr
Production Manager
Priscilla John
Jack Frost Sanders
Production Manager
Edward Jones
Visual Effects
Peter Lonsdale
Associate Editor
Max Kleven
Second Unit Director
Frank Marshall
Second Unit Director
Ken Ralston
Special Effects Supervisor
Toby Philpott