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White Palms Details


An athlete recalls his troubled youth while helping to coach a talented but headstrong youngster in this drama from Hungarian filmmaker Szabolcs Hajdu. Miklos Dongo (Miklos Zoltan Hajdu) is a world class gymnast who competed in the Olympics before taking on his current career as a performer with Cirque du Soleil. Miklos has been hired to help coach some contenders for the Canadian Olympic team, and finds himself working with Kyle Manjak (Kyle Shewfelt), an unusually talented young man whose mood swings make him difficult to work with. As Miklos tries to help Kyle focus his talents and come to terms with his demons, he finds himself frequently looking back on his own early career as a gymnast in Hungary -- his brutal coach Puma (Gheorghe Dinica), his domineering parents (Andor Lukats and Oana Pellea), and the grim regimen that led him to run away from home to join an acrobatics troupe. Coaching brings some of Miklos's personal issues back to the surface and he is confronted by the violent side of his nature while training Kyle. Miklos Zoltan Hajdu, who plays Miklos Dongo, is the brother of director Szabolcs Hajdu as well as an Olympic-class gymnast; he's played as a younger man by Orion Radies and Silas Radies. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:June 20, 2007


Orion Radies
as Miklos - 10 Years Old
Silas Radies
as Miklos - 13 Years Old
Gheorghe Dinica
as Puma
Kyle Shewfelt
as Kyle Manjak
Oana Pellea
as Mother
Andor Lukats
as Father
Jerry Gibbons
Alexandru Repan


Szabolcs Hajdu
Peter Reich
Agnes Pataki
Ivan Angelusz
Gabor Kovacs
Szabolcs Hajdu
Andras Nagy
Galt MacDermot
Composer (Music Score)
Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov
Featured Music
Ferenc Darvas
Composer (Music Score)
Peter Politzer
Monika Esztan
Production Designer
Zsofia Kende
Executive Producer
Mathieu Kassovitz
Executive Producer
Peter Kassovitz
Executive Producer
Kornel Sipos
Executive Producer
Thomas Fellegi
Executive Producer
Krisztina Berzsenyi
Costume Designer
Gabor Balazs
Sound/Sound Designer
Laszlo Kadar
First Assistant Director
Andrea Taschler
Production Manager