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White Squall Details


Based on a true incident from 1960, White Squall is the story of the tragic sinking of the Albatross, a prep school educational two-masted schooner, during a Caribbean storm. Screenwriter Todd Robinson wrote the script after meeting one of the tragedy's survivors, Chuck Gieg. In the film, Gieg (Scott Wolf) is the narrator. He and his fellow students, whose parents have paid handsomely for their schooling, which combines classroom work with real-life adventure, are introduced to their grizzled seafaring captain, Christopher Sheldon (Jeff Bridges). Gieg is initially skeptical of Sheldon's authority, but he gradually comes to see the captain as a model of manhood. The other boys aboard include Frank Beaumont (Jeremy Sisto), a self-absorbed snob; Dean Preston (Eric Michael Cole), a troublemaker and bully; Tod Johnston (Balthazar Getty), a returning student; and the naïve Tracy Lapchick (Ethan Embry). John Savage plays the pompous English teacher aboard the ship. Various incidents establish the boys' insecurities and relationships with the authorities -- and foreshadow their eventual fate. The killer squall comes up quietly but soon turns deadly, and the boys are forced to go beyond their privileged upbringings and deal with real danger. ~ Michael Betzold, Rovi


Jeff Bridges
as Sheldon "Skipper"
Caroline Goodall
as Dr. Alice Sheldon
John Savage
as McCrea
Scott Wolf
as Chuck Gieg
Jeremy Sisto
as Frank Beaumont
Ryan Phillippe
as Gil Martin
Zeljko Ivanek
as Sanders
Becky Ann Baker
as Ms. Boyde
David Selby
as Francis Beaumont
Julio Oscar Mechoso
as Girard Pascal
Jason Marsden
as Shay Jennings
Camilla Overbye Roos
as Bregitta
Jill Larson
as Peggy Beaumont
Jordan Clarke
as Charles Gieg
Anita Weider
as Danish School Girl
Anja Clausen
as Danish School Girl
Lene Kristensen
as Danish School Girl
Lizbeth MacKay
as Middy Gieg
Mette Hocke
as Danish School Girl
Nathaniel Ives
as Relief Bo'sun
Nynne Christiansen
as Danish School Girl
Peyton Thomas
as Crew Member
Balthazar Getty
as Tod Johnstone
Ethan Embry
as Tracy Lapchick
James Rebhorn
as Tyler
Charlotte Anderson
as Danish School Girl
Emily Chittell
as Danish School Girl
James Medina
as Cuban Commander


Ridley Scott
Rocky Lang
Mimi Polk Gitlin
Todd Robinson
Hugh Johnson
Hans Zimmer
Composer (Music Score)
Jeff Rona
Composer (Music Score)
Gerry Hambling
Peter J. Hampton
Production Designer
Les Tomkins
Production Designer
Todd Robinson
Nigel Wooll
Terry Needham
Associate Producer
Ridley Scott
Executive Producer
Rand Sagers
Set Designer
Judianna Makovsky
Costume Designer
Ken Weston
Sound/Sound Designer
Joss Williams
Special Effects
David Tringham
First Assistant Director
Terry Needham
First Assistant Director
Nigel Wooll
Ethan Embry
Louis Di Giaimo