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White Men Can't Jump Details


[[Performer~P111129~Ron Shelton~ronshelton]] ([[Feature~V7502~Bull Durham~bulldurham]]) wrote and directed the basketball-oriented seriocomedy White Men Can't Jump. [[Performer~P30548~Woody Harrelson~woodyharrelson]] plays Billy Hoyle, a white con artist who hustles basketball games with black players, lulling his victims into the misguided notion that white men can't match up with black hoopsters. One of his victims, African-American Sidney Deane ([[Performer~P66675~Wesley Snipes~wesleysnipes]]), becomes Hoyle's "agent," arranging his various inner city scams. Deane doesn't feel as though he's selling out his own people; he goes along with Hoyle to provide a better life for his wife, Rhonda ([[Performer~P22791~Tyra Ferrell~tyraferrell]]), and son. The film breezes through several zany sequences, including one liberal-baiting satirical moment set at a black/white "solidarity" basketball game arranged by an ambitious politician. Crooked gamblers intrude upon the last scenes of the film, but Hoyle is rescued by his girlfriend, Gloria ([[Performer~P106101~Rosie Perez~rosieperez]]), a Jeopardy freak who realizes a lifelong dream by winning big on the [[Performer~P71683~Alex Trebek~alextrebek]]-hosted game show. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

  • Release date:March 27, 1992


Woody Harrelson
as Billy Hoyle
Wesley Snipes
as Sidney Deane
Rosie Perez
as Gloria Clemente
Tyra Ferrell
as Rhonda Deane
Cylk Cozart
as Robert
Kadeem Hardison
as Junior
Ernest Harden Jr.
as George
John Marshall Jones
as Walter
Marques Johnson
as Raymond
Kevin Benton
as Zeke
Reggie Leon
as Reggie
Zandra Hill
as Sponsor
Gary Moeller
as Ballplayer
Alex Trebek
as Himself
Daniel Porto
as Ballplayer
Lanei Chapman
as Lanei
Reynaldo Rey
as Tad
John Gilbert
as "Jeopardy!" Announcer
Eloy Casados
as Tony Stucci
Lester Hawkins
as Ballplayer
Sarah Stavrou
as Etiwanda
Donald Fullilove
as Jake
Duane Martin
as Willie Lewis
Leroy Michaux
as Ballplayer
Ronald Beals
as Ballplayer
Torri Whitehead
as Tanya
Chalmer Maddox
as Ballplayer
Freeman Williams
as Duck Johnson
Jeanne McCarthy
as Dressing Room Staffer
Chick Hearn
as NBA Announcer
Gary Lazar
as Oki-Dog Businessman
Joe Metcalf
as Ballplayer
Pete Duffy
as Ballplayer
Bill Caplan
as Tournament Announcer
Jake "The Snake" Roberts
as Ballplayer
Eric Kizziee
as Ballplayer
Irene Nettles
as Real Estate Agent
Lisa McDowell
as Alisa
Sonny Craver
as Venice Beach Boys Member
Jeanette Srubar
as Little Guy's Girlfriend
Mahcoe Moore
as Ballplayer
Stu Lantz
as NBA Announcer
Bill Henderson
as Venice Beach Boys Member
Jon Hendricks
as Venice Beach Boys Member
Allan Malamud
as Rocket Scientist


Ron Shelton
Don Miller
David Lester
Michelle Rappaport
Ron Shelton
Russell Boyd
Bennie Wallace
Composer (Music Score)
Paul Seydor
Kimberly Ray
Dennis Washington
Production Designer
Roger Fortune
Art Director
Michelle Rappaport
Executive Producer
Robert R. Benton
Set Designer
Francine Jamison-Tanchuck
Costume Designer
Julius Le Flore
Mike Johnson
Victoria Thomas