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While I Love Details


Also known as While I Live, this British programmer serves as an excellent dramatic showcase for veteran farceur Tom Walls. Covering a period of 25 years, the story concentrates on the reclusive Julia (Sonia Dresdel), who has never come to grips with the fact that her sister Olwen (Audrey Fildes) committed suicide. Each year on the anniversary of Olwen's "disappearance", Julia has regaled the citizens of Cornwall with a sacrament-like radio broadcast of the poem Olwen was writing at the time of her demise. When a young woman who dimly resembles Olwen arrives on the scene, Julia becomes convinced that her sister has returned from the Beyond, leading to a series of mystical events, romantic encounters and tender reconciliations. Billed first, Walls dominates every scene he's in as a local faith healer named Jeremiah, who claims to possess "second sight"-and he's the most normal character in the story! While I Love was adapted from a play by Robert Bell, which also starred Sonia Dresdel. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


Tom Walls
as Nehemiah
Clifford Evans
as Peter
Carol Raye
as Sally Warwick
Patricia Burke
as Christine
Sonia Dresdel
as Julia Trevelyan
Edward Lexy
as Selby
Charles Victor
as Sgt. Pearne
Enid Hewitt
as Ruth
Johnnie Schofield
as Alfie
Sally Rogers
as Hannah


Edward Dryhurst
Doreen Montgomery
Freddie Young
Bernard Robinson
Art Director