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When You're in Love Details


In this tuneful, romantic drama, an Australian opera star (Grace Moore) wants to perform in a major U.S. festival but cannot enter the country unless she is married. To this end, she hires a handsome artist (Cary Grant) temporarily marry her. At first it is all strictly business, but in time, the artist starts falling in love. Songs include: "Our Song," "Minnie the Moocher" (this number is usually cut out in 98m televised version of the film), "Siboney," and "The Waltz Song." ~ Sandra Brennan, Rovi


Cary Grant
as Jimmy Hudson
Aline MacMahon
as Marianne Woods
Henry Stephenson
as Walter Mitchell
Thomas Mitchell
as Hank Miller
Luis Alberni
as Luis Perugini
Emma Dunn
as Mrs. Hamilton
Frank Puglia
as Carlos
Ann Doran
as Secretary
Soledad Jiminez
as Wife of Justice of the Peace
Marcelle Corday
as Marie
Bob McKenzie
as Charlie Perkins
Joe Dominguez
as Mexican
Harry Holman
as Babbitt Brother
Dewey Robinson
Arthur Hoyt
Catherine Wallace
Don Rowan
as Bruiser
Georgia Cooper
as Assistant Immigration Officer
Scotty Beckett
as Boy
Pat West
Robert E. O'Connor
Billy Gilbert
as Jose the Bartender
Chuck Hamilton
as Tony
Gene Morgan
as Dancer
Louise Brooks
as Ballet dancer
William Pawley
C. Montague Shaw
as Attorney
Manuel Paris
as Hotel Clerk
Herbert Ashley
as Immigration Chief
Dave "Tex" O'Brien
Edward Keane
as Stage Manager
Henry Roquemore
as Ticket Clerk
Alphonse Martell
as Announcer
Bud Geary
as Reporter
Frank Leyva
Lucille Ward
as Music Teacher
Romaine Callender
as Waiter
Bess Flowers
Carlos Montalban
Leyland Hodgson
as Couple in Dressing Room
Cyril Ring
Barnett Parker
as Butler
Chris-Pin Martin
as Servant


Robert Riskin
Robert Riskin
Joseph Walker
Alfred Newman
Musical Direction/Supervision
Alfred Newman
Composer (Music Score)
Stephen Goosson
Art Director