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When a Stranger Calls Details


In this thriller, a baby-sitter is terrorized by an anonymous telephone caller who turns out to be a particularly persistent serial killer. When a stranger calls to ask, "Have you checked the children lately?" teenaged sitter Jill Johnson (Carol Kane) is understandably spooked. After a series of increasingly creepy calls culminates in a request for "your blood...all over me," Jill learns from the police operator that the man is calling from inside the house. One narrow escape and two dead children later, the police capture British maniac Curt Duncan (Tony Beckley). Several years later, the killer escapes from a mental institution and plagues Tracy (Colleen Dewhurst), a hard-drinking New Yorker. Foiled by John Clifford (Charles Durning), the same cop who investigated the original case, Duncan sets his sights back on his original victim, Jill Johnson, who, now married and out to dinner with her husband, has left her own young children at home -- with a baby-sitter. When a Stranger Calls helped inspire Drew Barrymore's famous opening scene in Wes Craven's Scream. Kane, Durning, and director Fred Walton would return for 1993's TV-movie sequel, When a Stranger Calls Back. Beckley died a year after the original film's release. ~ Brian J. Dillard, Rovi


Carol Kane
as Jill Johnson
Charles Durning
as John Clifford
Colleen Dewhurst
as Tracy
Rachel Roberts
as Dr. Monk
Rutanya Alda
as Mrs. Mandrakis
Carmen Argenziano
as Dr. Mandrakis
Steven Anderson
as Stephen Lockart
Michael Champion
as Bill
Bill Boyett
as Sgt. Sacker
DeForest Covan
as Officer #1
Trent Dolan
as Policeman #1
Ed Wright
as Retired Man
Dennis McMullen
as Maintenance Man
Lenora May
as Sharon
Charles Boswell
as Policeman
Arell Blanton
as Policeman #3
Wally Taylor
as Cheater
Frank di Elsi
as Policeman #2
Joe Reale
as Bartender
Louise Wright
as Retired Woman


Fred Walton
Steve Feke
Doug Chapin
Steve Feke
Fred Walton
Dana Kaproff
Composer (Music Score)
Sam Vitale
Larry Kostroff
Associate Producer
Melvin Simon
Executive Producer
Barry Krost
Executive Producer
Marty Bolger
Sound/Sound Designer