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What Price Hollywood is often referred to as the "first" version of the oft-filmed [[Feature~V46639~A Star is Born~astarisborn]]. While there are strong resemblances between the two properties, Hollywood is in many respects a wholly separate entity. [[Performer~P5381~Constance Bennett~constancebennett]] plays a star-struck waitress who manages to make a good impression on prominent film director [[Performer~P111186~Lowell Sherman~lowellsherman]]. With [[Performer~P111186~Sherman~lowellsherman]]'s patronage, [[Performer~P5381~Bennett~constancebennett]] rises to film stardom as "America's Pal." [[Performer~P111186~Sherman~lowellsherman]] is gratified, but he keeps his distance; a chronic alcoholic, he is certain that his inevitable fall from grace will adversely affect [[Performer~P5381~Bennett~constancebennett]]'s stardom. Impulsively, [[Performer~P5381~Bennett~constancebennett]] marries wealthy playboy Neil Hamilton, who genuinely loves his wife but is jealous of the demands made on her by her career. [[Performer~P29979~Hamilton~neilhamilton]] walks out, but not before [[Performer~P5381~Bennett~constancebennett]] has been impregnated. Turning her attentions to her mentor [[Performer~P111186~Sherman~lowellsherman]], [[Performer~P5381~Bennett~constancebennett]] does everything she can to halt his career downslide, but it is too late. In a startlingly conceived sequence (utilizing slow motion and rapid-fire montage cutting), [[Performer~P111186~Sherman~lowellsherman]] kills himself in [[Performer~P5381~Bennett~constancebennett]]'s bedroom. When his body is found, the ensuing scandal destroys [[Performer~P5381~Bennett~constancebennett]]'s career (represented visually by a life-sized cutout of "America's Pal" shrinking into nothingness). Hoping to heal her emotional wounds, she flees to Paris with her child, where she is reunited with a contrite [[Performer~P29979~Hamilton~neilhamilton]]. What Price Hollywood? producer [[Performer~P110766~David O. Selznick~davidoselznick]] later claimed that most of the dialogue and situations in the film were drawn from life; he'd make the same claim upon producing the similar (but not identical) [[Feature~V46639~A Star is Born~astarisborn]] five years later. Somewhat perversely, [[Performer~P111186~Lowell Sherman~lowellsherman]] based his performance-especially the inebriation scenes-on his then brother-in-law John Barrymore. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

  • Release date:June 24, 1932


Constance Bennett
as Mary Evans
Lowell Sherman
as Maximilian Carey
Neil Hamilton
as Lonny Borden
Gregory Ratoff
as Julius Saxe
Brooks Benedict
as Muto
Bryant Washburn
as Washed-Up Star
Louise Beavers
as Juanita
Charles "Heinie" Conklin
as Car Owner
Eddie "Rochester" Anderson
as James
Phil Tead
as Jimmy
Eddie Dunn
as Doorman at Grauman's Chinese Theatre


George Cukor
Gene Fowler
Jane Murfin
Ben Markson
Max Steiner
Composer (Music Score)
Max Steiner
Musical Direction/Supervision
Jack Kitchin
Carroll Clark
Art Director
Pandro S. Berman
Associate Producer
David O. Selznick
Executive Producer
Slavko Vorkapich
Special Effects
Lloyd Knechtel
Special Effects