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Loosely based on the 1958 comedy [[Feature~V40887~The Reluctant Debutante~thereluctantdebutante]] starring [[Performer~P18244~Sandra Dee~sandradee]], the family-friendly comedy What a Girl Wants features popular Nickelodeon teen star [[Performer~P303423~Amanda Bynes~amandabynes]] in her first feature-starring performance after her debut in [[Feature~V259372~Big Fat Liar~bigfatliar]]. She plays teenager Daphne Reynolds, who lives in New York City with her musician mother, Libby ([[Performer~P57732~Kelly Preston~kellypreston]]). After she turns 17, Daphne is undecided about her future, so she takes off by herself to London in search of her father. She immediately meets cute musician Ian ([[Performer~P359979~Oliver James~oliverjames]]) before sneaking in to her father's estate to surprise him. He turns out to be Lord Henry Dashwood ([[Performer~P23590~Colin Firth~colinfirth]]), a fabulously wealthy aristocrat who doesn't even know that she exists. He had met her mother in Morocco and the two were married in a tribal ceremony. Upon their return to England, she left him and went back to the U.S. without ever revealing that she was pregnant. The uptight Henry is already flustered by his campaign for election, advised by doting aide Alistair Payne ([[Performer~P57980~Jonathan Pryce~jonathanpryce]]). His no-nonsense fiancée, Glynnis ([[Performer~P195452~Anna Chancellor~annachancellor]]), and her bratty daughter, Clarissa ([[Performer~P359980~Christina Cole~christinacole]]), are threatened by Daphne's presence, thinking that she will hurt Henry's political aspirations by causing a scandal. However, the family matriarch ([[Performer~P2699~Eileen Atkins~eileenatkins]]) takes a liking to her and she soon finds herself trying to liven things up at several stuffy aristocratic parties. Meanwhile, the evil Glynnis and Clarissa conspire against her by trying to sabotage her appearance, leading up to the conclusion at Daphne's very own coming-out party. ~ Andrea LeVasseur, Rovi

  • Release date:April 4, 2003


Amanda Bynes
as Daphne
Colin Firth
as Lord Henry Dashwood
Kelly Preston
as Libby Reynolds
Jonathan Pryce
as Alistair Payne
Eileen Atkins
as Jocelyn Dashwood
Anna Chancellor
as Glynnis
Oliver James
as Ian Wallace
Christina Cole
as Clarissa Payne
Sylvia Syms
as Princess Charlotte
Ben Scholfield
as Armistead Stuart
Steven Osborne
as Staff Member
Matt Acheson
as Country Club Wedding Singer
Tara Summers
as Noelle
Matthew Turpin
as Prince William
Jane Victory
as Dancer
Stephanie Lane
as Fiona
Roger Ashton-Griffiths
as Lord Orwood
Tom Harper
Bruno Tonioli
as Fashion Emcee
James Linton
as Political Advisor Two
Judy Collins
as Dancer
Stephen W. Anderson
as Television Reporter
Victoria Wicks
as Henry's Secretary
Peter Jessup
as Dancer
Allan Laza
as Dancer
Peter Hugo
as Prince Charles
Tony Kemp
as Dancer
Natalie Bromley
as Jane
Tom Goodfellow
as Libby's Band Member
Chris Mulkey
James Greene
as Percy
Basil Patton
as Dancer
David Whitmey
as Ian's Band Member
Vernon Preston
as Duke of Edinburgh
Sian Todd
as Dancer
Ash Croney
as Dancer
Flaminia Cinque
as Caterer
Stanley Townsend
as Bride's Father
Soleil McGhee
as Young Daphne
David Gyasi
as Ian's Band Member
Pieter Vodden
as Sven
David Temple
as Ian's Band Member
Elizabeth Richard
as Queen
Louis Saint-Juste
as Dancer
Nita Mistry
as Girl in Hostel
Layla Ellison
as Dancer
Mike Toller
as Libby's Band Member
Luke Fredericks
as Ian's Band Member
Barrington Shaw
as Dancer
Daniel Tuite
as Newspaper Reporter #1
Connie Powney
as Pear Orwood
Charlie Beall
as Rufus
Antony Carrick
as Prince Michael
Tom Penn
as Libby's Band Member
Bharti Patel
as Dancer
Jafri Jobaid
as Dancer
June Walker
as Dancer
Newton Boothe
as Taxi Driver
Thomas Michael Voss
as Dancer
Cassie Powney
as Peach Orwood
Jonah Russell
as Policeman
Neville Phillips
as Butler
Raffaello Dagruttola
as Groom
Malcolm Davey
as Dancer
Maureen Waters
as Dancer
Erik Von Detten
Tim Fornara
as Ian's Band Member
Ethel Crichlow
as Dancer


Dennie Gordon
Denise Di Novi
Hunt Lowry
Bill Gerber
Elizabeth Chandler
Jenny Bicks
Andrew Dunn
Debra Baum
Musical Direction/Supervision
Rupert Gregson-Williams
Composer (Music Score)
Chuck McClelland
Michael Carlin
Production Designer
Karen Wakefield
Art Director
Steve Harding
E.K. Gaylord II
Executive Producer
Alison Greenspan
Executive Producer
Casey La Scala
Executive Producer
Rebecca Alleway
Set Designer
Shay Cunliffe
Costume Designer
Colin Charles
Sound/Sound Designer
Brian Simmons
Sound/Sound Designer
Michael Murray
First Assistant Director
Gilly Poole
Suzanne Crowley
Matt Grime
Supervising Sound Editor