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What About Bob? Details


In this comedy about a doctor-patient relationship pushed way beyond the office, Bill Murray plays Bob Wiley, a neurotic New Yorker struggling with a whirlwind of paralyzing phobias. When an exasperated colleague pawns the handful off on Dr. Leo Marvin (Richard Dreyfuss), the psychologist has no idea his last appointment will follow him north to New Hampshire on a month's vacation. Bob takes to Dr. Marvin's latest book like no therapy before it, so the well-meaning pest tracks Marvin down at his lakeside summer home to further discuss his problems. But Marvin, preparing for an interview on Good Morning America and a few weeks of R and R, views Bob's stalking as highly inappropriate, and demands he return to New York. But Bob can't take even the strongest hint, and sets up camp with a neighbor to indulge in his own "vacation" -- from his problems. Meanwhile, Marvin's son Sigmund (Charlie Korsmo), daughter Anna (Catherine Erbe), and wife Fay (Julie Hagerty) take to Bob's loopy charm, which Marvin views as an irritating threat. Marvin's temperature rises as Bob insinuates his way into the family, helping Sigmund learn to dive and counseling the previously ignored Anna. As Bob's stock continues to rise, and his to plummet, Marvin becomes increasingly unhinged as the minutes tick down to the interview. ~ Derek Armstrong, Rovi

  • Release date:May 17, 1991


Bill Murray
as Bob Wiley
Richard Dreyfuss
as Dr. Leo Marvin
Julie Hagerty
as Fay Marvin
Charlie Korsmo
as Siggy Marvin
Kathryn Erbe
as Anna Marvin
Tom Aldredge
as Mr. Guttman
Susan Willis
as Mrs. Guttman
Roger Bowen
as Phil
Fran Brill
as Lily
Donald Lee
as Nursing Home Attendant
Russell Bobbitt
as TV Crew Member
Marcella Lowery
as Betty, Switchboard Operator
Barbara Andres
as Claire, Doctor Marvin's Secretary
Brian Reddy
as Carswell Fensterwald
Dennis Scott
as Motorcycle Cop
Lori Tan Chinn
as Bus Driver
Melinda Mullins
as Marie Grady
Doris Belack
as Dr. Tomsky
Tom Stechschulte
as Lennie, Producer
Joan Lunden
as Herself
Aida Turturro
as Prostitute
Richard Fancy
as Minister
Reg E. Cathey
as Howie, Director
Stuart Rudin
as Crazy Man in New York Street
Margot Welch
as Gwen, Switchboard Operator


Frank Oz
Laura Ziskin
Laura Ziskin
Alvin Sargent
Tom Schulman
Michael Ballhaus
Miles Goodman
Composer (Music Score)
Anne V. Coates
Leslie Dilley
Production Designer
Jack Blackman
Art Director
Bernard Williams
Anne Kuljian
Set Designer
Bernie Pollack
Costume Designer
Matthew Mungle