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Wendy and Lucy Details


director Kelly Reichardt crafts this intimate tale of Wendy, an alienated Indiana woman who packs up her car and sets her sights on Alaska, but finds herself stranded in a small Oregon town with no money and only her faithful dog, Lucy, to keep her company. When Wendy realizes that there's nothing keeping her in her home state of Indiana, she makes the decision to relocate to Alaska and seek out work at the local fish cannery. With her four-legged friend Lucy in the passenger seat next to her, Wendy stops off to get some rest in a small Oregon town. The following morning, when Wendy attempts to start her car, the engine fails to respond. But this is only the first in a series of snowballing events, because as Wendy waits for the local garage to open she heads to the supermarket to pick up some dog food for Lucy. Opting to shoplift the puppy chow since she doesn't have much cash to speak of, Wendy subsequently finds herself in the local jail thanks to an overzealous employee. By the time Wendy pays her fine and gets back to the supermarket, Lucy is gone. Unfortunately the dog pound doesn't open until the following morning, and after receiving some help from a kindly local, Wendy gets some particularly bad news about her car. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

  • Release date:December 10, 2008


Awarded by
Independent Spirit Awards Anish Savjani Best Picture 2008 Nominee
Independent Spirit Awards Larry Fessenden Best Picture 2008 Nominee
Independent Spirit Awards Neil Kopp Best Picture 2008 Nominee
Online Film Critics Association Michelle Williams Best Actress 2008 Winner
Toronto Film Critics Association Michelle Williams Best Actress 2008 Winner
Independent Spirit Awards Michelle Williams Best Actress 2008 Nominee


Michelle Williams
as Wendy
John Robinson
as Andy
Will Oldham
as Icky
Will Patton
as Mechanic
Larry Fessenden
as Man in Park
David Koppell
as Kid by Fire
Max Clement
as Kid by Fire
Sid Shanley
as Kid by Fire
Dave Hubner
as Kid by Fire
Michelle Worthy
as Sadie
Roger Faires
as recycler in wheelchair
Boggs Johnson
as recycling man
Tanya Smith
as grocery checker


Kelly Reichardt
Anish Savjani
Neil Kopp
Larry Fessenden
Jon Raymond
Kelly Reichardt
Sam Levy
Kelly Reichardt
Ryan Smith
Production Designer
Todd Haynes
Executive Producer
Rajen Savjani
Executive Producer
Joshua Blum
Executive Producer
Phil Morrison
Executive Producer
Leslie Shatz
Sound/Sound Designer
Eric Offin
Sound/Sound Designer
Simon Max Hill
Ali Farrell
Jon Raymond
Short Story Author
Laura Rosenthal
Casting Director