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Noted television screenwriter and founder of the acclaimed theatrical group Tokyo Sunshine Boys, Koki Mitani makes his directorial debut with this wickedly funny look at a live radio broadcast gone horribly wrong. As a part of a PR stunt, a Tokyo radio station holds an amateur screenwriting contest and the winner (and only contestant) is a meek and guileless housewife named Miyako (Kyoka Suzuki) who spun a sincere little melodrama about a marriage falling apart. At first, everything seems like a dream -- the show's high-strung producer Ushijima (Masahiko Nishimura) is calling Miyako by the honorific sensei and the cast and crew seem to radiate a cool, yet heartfelt, professionalism. Then calamity strikes. Prima donna actress Nokko (Keiko Toda) -- who is ticked off at the current state of her career -- decides moments before air time that her character Ritsuko should be named Mary Jane. Instead of being a modest housewife, Mary Jane is casually turned into a high-powered lawyer. Soon the other characters want to play glamorous foreigners too. The setting is switched from sleeping resort town Atami to Manhattan and then later Chicago. The romantic male goes from being a truck driver to a pilot and then an astronaut. As further plot changes continue to pile up -- ranging from gangster hits to dam breaks to moon landings -- Ushijima and director Kudo (Toshiaki Karasawa) try desperately to keep ahead of things while poor Miyako -- her dreams of being a screenwriter thoughtlessly trashed -- quietly seethes. This film was screened at the 1998 Berlin Film Festival. ~ Jonathan Crow, Rovi

  • Release date:February 15, 1998


Toshiaki Karasawa
as Kudo
Kyoka Suzuki
as Miyako Suzuki
Masahiko Nishimura
as Ushijima
Keiko Toda
as Nokko Senbon
Takehiko Ono
as Ben Noda
Yasukiyo Umeno
as Furukawa
Jun Inoue
as Hiromitsu
Yoshimasa Kondo
as Miyako's Husband
Hiromasa Taguchi
as Tatsumi
Moro Morooka
as Bucky
Akira Fuse
as Horinouchi
Toshiyuki Hosokawa
as Hamamura Jo
Ken Watanabe
as Truck Driver
Nobuko Miyamoto
as Janitor woman


Koki Mitani
Kanjiro Sakura
Chiaki Matsushita
Takashi Ishihara
Hisao Masuda
Koki Mitani
Koki Mitani
Play Author
Kenji Takama
Junichi Tozawa
Takayuki Hattori
Composer (Music Score)
Hirohide Abe
Tomio Ogawa
Art Director
Tetsuo Segawa
Sound/Sound Designer