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Wee Willie Winkie Details


In this lovely John Ford film, Joyce Williams (June Lang) and her young daughter, Priscilla (Shirley Temple), travel to India to live on a British Army base with Joyce's father, Colonel Williams, Aubrey C. Smith). Once there, sweet, young Priscilla manages to win the love and affection of the soldiers and her curmudgeonly grandfather, and she plays an important role in easing a local rebellion. One of the best Shirley Temple movies, Ford allows her to be sweet without being cloying and moves the action at a good pace. A wonderful cast of some of Hollywood's best supporting actors add charm to this film which is appealing to both children and adults. ~ Linda Rasmussen, Rovi

  • Release date:July 30, 1937


Shirley Temple
as Priscilla Williams
Victor McLaglen
as Sgt. MacDuff
C. Aubrey Smith
as Col. Williams
June Lang
as Joyce Williams
Michael Whalen
as Lt. "Coppy" Brandes
Cesar Romero
as Khoda Khan
Constance Collier
as Mrs. Allardyce
Gavin Muir
as Capt. Bibberbeigh
Willie Fung
as Mohammed Dihn
Brandon Hurst
as Bagby
Lionel Pape
as Major Allardyce
Clyde Cook
as Pipe Major Sneath
Lauri Beatty
as Elsie Allardyce
Lionel Braham
as Major Gen. Hammond
Mary Forbes
as Mrs. MacMonachie
Cyril McLaglen
as Corporal Tummel
Pat Somerset
as Officer
George Hassell
as MacMonachie
Noble Johnson
as Sikh Policeman
Scotty Mattraw
as Merchant
Jack Pennick
as Soldier Guard
Lynn Bari
Darryl F. Zanuck
Jack Pennick
as Soldier Guard
George Hassell
as MacMonachie
Scotty Mattraw
as Merchant
Noble Johnson
as Sikh Policeman


John Ford
Gene Markey
Julien Josephson
Ernest Pascal
Arthur C. Miller
Louis Silvers
Composer (Music Score)
Alfred Newman
Composer (Music Score)
Alfred Newman
Musical Direction/Supervision
Walter Thompson
Gwen Wakeling
Costume Designer
Rudyard Kipling
Short Story Author