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Weekend at Bernie's II Details


When they discover that their deceased boss had stashed away two million illegally embezzled dollars in a Caribbean safe deposit box, two co-workers decide to claim the cash. To do so, however, they must convince everyone the boss is actually alive -- a situation which seems oddly familiar to them both. This sequel to the popular 1989 comedy promises more of the same: slapstick with an amazingly lifelike corpse at the center. Whatever freshness the premise may have once had has vanished, however, and the occasionally clever set pieces become lost under the weight of a number of cluttered subplots. ~ Judd Blaise, Rovi


Andrew McCarthy
as Larry Wilson
Jonathan Silverman
as Richard Parker
Terry Kiser
as Bernie Lomax
Tom Wright
as Charles
Steve James
as Henry
Troy Beyer
as Claudia
Barry Bostwick
as Hummel
Jason LaPadura
Ben Lemon
as 2nd New York Cop
James Lally
as Morgue Attendant
John Hodge
as Band Member
Michael Rogers
as Island Cop
Stack Pierce
as Claudia's Dad
Samantha Phillips
as Pretty Young Thief
Philip Coccioletti
as 1st Cartel Man
Jennie Moreau
as Brenda
Constance Shulman
as Tour Operator
David Lipman
as Movie Patron
Gary Dourdan
as 2nd Cartel Man
Novella Nelson
as Mobu


Robert Klane
Victor Drai
Robert Klane
Peck Prior
Michael S. Bolton
Production Designer
Eric Fraser
Art Director
Don Carmody
Howard Ellis
Associate Producer
Beth Kushnick
Set Designer
Ken Speed
Special Effects
Adam Shankman