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Weekend at the Waldorf Details


Weekend at the Waldorf is an unabashed remake of MGM's 1932 Oscar-winner [[Feature~V151334~Grand Hotel~menschenimhotel]]: in fact, at several points in the story, the cast makes pointed references to the earlier film. The posh Waldorf Hotel in the heart of New York is the setting for several plots and subplots. Ginger Rogers plays the Garbo counterpart, a successful but severely depressed movie star who wants to be alone. Walter Pigeon steps into John Barrymore's role, sort of; whereas Barrymore was a thief posing as nobility, Pigeon is a war correspondent posing as a thief. Hotel stenographer Lana Turner (originally Joan Crawford) latches onto tycoon Edward Arnold (originally Wallace Beery) in hopes of a life of luxury. And, in the film's biggest adaptation stretch, Van Johnson is cast as a war hero who, about to undergo life-threatening surgery, wants to thoroughly enjoy what may be his last days on earth. It takes a while to figure this out, but Johnson is supposed to be the character played in [[Feature~V151334~Grand Hotel~menschenimhotel]] by Lionel Barrymore: the meek clerk who, upon discovering that he's dying, blows his life savings on one last fling. On the whole, Weekend at the Waldorf is a lot more light-hearted than [[Feature~V151334~Grand Hotel~menschenimhotel]], as indicated by the expository character played by humorist Robert Benchley, not to mention the presence of Xavier Cugat as the Waldorf's orchestra leader. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


Ginger Rogers
as Irene Malvern
Lana Turner
as Bunny Smith
Walter Pidgeon
as Chip Collyer
Van Johnson
as Capt. James Hollis
Edward Arnold
as Martin X. Edley
Keenan Wynn
as Oliver Webson
Phyllis Thaxter
as Cynthia Drew
Robert Benchley
as Randy Morton
Leon Ames
as Henry Burton
Samuel S. Hinds
as Mr. Jessup
George Zucco
as Bey of Aribajan
Constance Collier
as Mme. Jaleska
Gladden James
as Assistant Manager
Jack Luden
as Clerk
Dick Crockett
as Bell Captain
Franklin Farnum
Rex Evans
as Pianist
Xavier Cugat
as Himself
Frank McClure
as Florist
Irving Bacon
as Sam Skelly
Harry Barris
as Anna's Boyfriend
Porter Hall
as Stevens
Wyndham Standing
as Literary Type
Russell Hicks
as McPherson
Rosemary de Camp
as Anna
Moroni Olsen
as House Detective Blake
Nana Bryant
as Mrs. H. Davenport Drew
William Halligan
as Chief Jennings
Bess Flowers
as Guest
Gordon Richards
as Headwaiter
Dorothy Christy
as Cashier
Arno Frey
as Maitre d'Hotel
John Wengraf
as Alex
Dick Hirbe
as Newsboy
Hal K. Dawson
as First Clerk
Ruth Lee
as The Woman
Karen Lind
Byron Foulger
as Barber
Cora Sue Collins
as Jane Rand
William Tannen
as Photographer
Warner Anderson
as Dr. Robert Campbell
Carli Elinor
as Orchestra Leader
Miles Mander
as British Secretary
Frank Puglia
as Emile
Hope Landin
Charles Wilson
as Mr. Johns
Estelle Etterre
as Assistant Florist
Michael Kirby
as Lt. John Rand
Ella Ethridge
Jacqueline De Wit
as Kate Douglas
Ruth Warren
Gertrude Short
as Telephone Operator


Robert Z. Leonard
Robert Z. Leonard
Arthur Hornblow, Jr.
Vicki Baum
Play Author
Guy Bolton
Robert Planck
Johnny Green
Musical Direction/Supervision
Johnny Green
Composer (Music Score)
Cedric Gibbons
Art Director
Edwin B. Willis
Set Designer
Costume Designer
Warren Newcombe
Special Effects
Charles Walters
Jack Dawn