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We Were Strangers Details


Set in the Cuba of 1933, We Were Strangers stars John Garfield as revolutionary-minded Tony Fenner. A member of an underground movement dedicated to toppling the despotic Machado regime, Tony supervises the booby-trapping of a cemetery where several top Cuban officials are planning to converge for a state funeral. Also involved in the assassination scheme is China Valdes (Jennifer Jones), whose brother had been executed by the government. As often happens in a John Huston film, the best-laid schemes of the protagonists go tragically awry. Based on a portion of Robert Sylvester's novel Rough Sketch, We Were Strangers was scripted by frequent Huston collaborator Peter Viertel. The film has the curious distinction of being lambasted by both the left-wing and right-wing critics in the U.S. Audiences were likewise underwhelmed, compelling Columbia Pictures to withdraw the film from distribution early on. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

  • Release date:April 27, 1949


Jennifer Jones
as China Valdes
John Garfield
as Tony Fenner
Pedro Armendáriz
as Armando Ariete
Gilbert Roland
as Guillermo
Ramon Novarro
as Revolutionary Leader
Wally Cassell
as Miguel
David Bond
as Ramon
Jose Perez
as Toto
Morris Ankrum
as Bank manager
Leonard Strong
as Bombmaker
Robert Tafur
as Rubio
Spencer Chan
Tina Menard
Felipe Turich
as Spy
Mimi Aguglia
as Mama
Julian Rivero
as Flower Vendor
Argentina Brunetti
Roberta Haynes
as Lolita
Abdullah Abbas
Paul Marion
as Truck Driver
Robert Malcolm
as Priest
Harry Vejar
as Watchman
Ted Hecht
as Enrico
Rodd Redwing
Tito Renaldo
as Manolo
Joe Sawaya
as Bits
John Huston
as Clerk


John Huston
John Huston
Peter Viertel
Robert Sylvester
Book Author
Russell Metty
Morris W. Stoloff
Musical Direction/Supervision
Cary O'Dell
Art Director
Louis Diage
Set Designer
Jean Louis
Costume Designer