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Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story Details


Judd Apatow and Jake Kasdan team up to take the swagger out of the traditional music biopic with this look at the troubled life of fictional music legend Dewey Cox (John C. Reilly). Apatow and Kasdan both write and produce, while Kasdan and Kasdan director Kasdan steps into the director's chair. Dewey Cox is a rock & roll legend whose songs have the power to shake a nation. Despite the fact that Cox's career has been something of a roller coaster ride, the fact remains that he never went out of style in the eyes of his many adoring fans. He's rubbed elbows with everyone from Elvis Presley to the Beatles, ingested every drug known to man (often in doses large enough to kill a healthy horse), starred in his own television show, and slept with hundreds of women, yet somehow he still finds the time to write some of the best-known songs ever to hit the airwaves. Now, after being married multiple times and fathering enough offspring to populate a small island nation, this musical icon continues to turn out the hits while attempting to win the heart of his beautiful backup singer Darlene (Jenna Fischer). While no one doubts that Dewey Cox will continue to dominate the airwaves, does this larger-than-life superstar really have what it takes to avoid the temptations of the rock & roll lifestyle and finally settle down with one woman? ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

  • Release date:December 21, 2007


Awarded by
Las Vegas Film Critics Association Judd Apatow Best Song 2007 Winner
Hollywood Foreign Press Association Judd Apatow Best Original Song 2007 Nominee
Hollywood Foreign Press Association Marshall Crenshaw Best Original Song 2007 Nominee
Las Vegas Film Critics Association Jake Kasdan Best Song 2007 Winner
Hollywood Foreign Press Association Jake Kasdan Best Original Song 2007 Nominee
Las Vegas Film Critics Association John C. Reilly Best Song 2007 Winner
Hollywood Foreign Press Association John C. Reilly Best Original Song 2007 Nominee


John C. Reilly
as Dewey Cox
Jenna Fischer
as Darlene Madison
Raymond J. Barry
as Pa Cox
Kristen Wiig
as Edith
Tim Meadows
as Sam
Harold Ramis
as L'Chai'm
Margo Martindale
as Ma Cox
Chris Parnell
as Theo
Matt Besser
as Dave
Jack Black
as Paul McCartney
Paul Rudd
as John Lennon
Jason Schwartzman
as Ringo Starr
Justin Long
as George Harrison
Jack White
as Elvis Presley
David Krumholtz
Odette Yustman
as Reefer Girl


Jake Kasdan
Jake Kasdan
Clayton Townsend
Judd Apatow
Judd Apatow
Jake Kasdan
Uta Briesewitz
Van Dyke Parks
Mike Viola
Marshall Crenshaw
Michael Andrews
Composer (Music Score)
Manish Raval
Musical Direction/Supervision
Charlie Wadhams
Dan Bern
Tara Timpone
Stephen Welch
Jefferson Sage
Production Designer
Domenic Silvestri
Art Director
Andrew Epstein
Associate Producer
Melvin Mar
Associate Producer
Lewis Morton
Executive Producer
Debra McGuire
Costume Designer
Claudette Didul
Set Decorator
Tateum Kohut
Sound/Sound Designer
Gregg Landaker
Sound/Sound Designer
Bill W. Benton
Sound/Sound Designer
Clayton Townsend
First Assistant Director
Anya Colloff
Amy McIntyre-Britt
Mark Freund
Visual Effects Supervisor
Joel Shryack
Supervising Sound Editor