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The Voice of a Murderer Details


Director/screenwriter Park Jin-pyo crafts this emotionally pointed docudrama based on the 1991 kidnapping of a young South Korean boy whose abductor sadistically taunted the child's parents over the course of a grueling, month-long period. Television news anchorman Han Kyung-bae and his devoutly religious, stay-at-home wife Oh Ji-sun both love their timid, nine year old son Hwang-sun as much as any devoted mother and father would. Though the rigorous exercise regiment and strict diet they subject the reticent child to may seem harsh to the casual observer, all they want is for him to shed some extra weight so he'll live a long and happy life. The doting parents find their lives turned upside down in an instant however when one day, Hwang-sun vanishes without a trace. Their worst fears are confirmed when, shortly thereafter, Hwang-sun's abductor calls to demand a sizeable ransom. Though Han Kyung-bae and his wife are willing to pay any amount of money to ensure their child's safe return, the exchange proves unexpectedly complicated as a parent's worst nightmare slowly snowballs into tragedy. Over the course of the next forty-four days, the frighteningly calm and confident kidnapper taunts the grieving parents with a series of relentlessly cruel telephone calls, gradually drawing Han Kyung-bae and Oh Ji-sun's failures, mistakes, and regrets out into the open while forcing them to endure a slow-burning hell of misery and despair. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi


Park Jin-pyo
Ahn Soo-Hyun
Park Jin-pyo
Kim Woo-Hyoung
Ahn Soo-Hyun