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Directed by former CIA officer [[Performer~P64446~Michael Sellers~michaeldsellers]], Vlad chronicles the far-reaching consequences of a professor's ([[Feature~V281486~Child's Play~childsplay[filmseries]]] veteran [[Performer~P19921~Brad Dourif~braddourif]]) request that his students visit the tomb of the infamous Vlad Drakul (aka Vlad the Impaler). Known as one of the cruelest figures in world history, Drakul's reputation for dismembering his victims ultimately led to the belief that he himself may have been a vampire -- he was, in fact, the inspiration for [[Performer~P218634~Bram Stoker~bramstoker]]'s Dracula. With this in mind, four foreign-exchange students, along with their Romanian tour guide ([[Performer~P78411~Billy Zane~billyzane]]), venture into the bowels of Drakul's final resting place. When the students come into contact with a legendary necklace, they realize that its rumored ability to traverse throughout time and space is no myth. Vlad features performances from [[Performer~P237109~Kam Heskin~kamheskin]], Monica Davidescu, [[Performer~P267019~Nicholas Irons~nicholasirons]], and [[Performer~P149720~Paul Popowich~paulpopowich]]. ~ Tracie Cooper, Rovi

  • Release date:September 10, 2004


Francesco Quinn
as Vlad
Billy Zane
as Adrian
Brad Dourif
as Radescu
Paul Popowich
as Jeff
Kam Heskin
as Alexa
Zoltan Butuc
as Grandfather
Mircea Stoian
as Cladiu
Monica Davidescu
as Linsey
Nicholas Irons
as Justin
Emil Hostina
as Mircea
Iva Hasperger
as Ilona
Alexandra Velniciuc
as Andrea
Andrea Macelaru
as Stefana


Michael D. Sellers
Tony Shawkat
Michael D. Sellers
Viorel Sergovici
Christopher John Fields
Composer (Music Score)
Joel Bender
Radu Corciova
Production Designer
Frank Demartini
Dina Burke
Executive Producer
Pamela Vlastas
Executive Producer
William J. Booker
Executive Producer
Nick Mandracken
Executive Producer
Ioana Corciova
Costume Designer