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Viva Laldjérie Details


A women living in a city that is slowly being transformed by Muslim activists takes a small stand for the glories of decadence in this comedy drama. Mrs. Sandjak (Biyouna) is a flamboyant and headstrong woman living in Algiers who, in her younger days, earned a living as an exotic dancer known as "Papicha." As Muslim fundamentalists begin taking a greater measure of control over the city, the decidedly non-fundamentalist Papicha finds herself living in a run-down hotel with her daughter, Goucem (Lubna Azabal). Goucem is an attractive twentysomething who works in a photo shop, and has been having an affair with a doctor (Lounes Tazairt), though to her chagrin he seems little inclined to leave his wife for her. Mrs. Sandjak has found a kindred spirit in her next-door neighbor Fifi (Nadia Kaci), a cheerful prostitute who sees no shame in her profession, and the former dancer makes friends with Tiziri (Lynda Harchaoui), a young girl who likes Papicha's brash style and wants to learn how to dance. One day, Mrs. Sandjak receives word that a celebrated nightclub where she once performed is being turned into a mosque; saddened and enraged that the city she knew is changing, she decides to find a venue that will still allow her to dance as she sets out to resume her career. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:November 26, 2004


Lubna Azabal
as Goucem
Nadia Kaci
as Fifi
Jalil Naciri
as Samir
Waguih Takla
as Mr. Mouffok
Lounes Tazairt
as Dr. Aniss Sassi
Akim Isker
as Yacine Sassi
Lynda Harchaoui
as Tiziri
Kamel Abdeli
as Nounou


Nadir Mokneche
Denis Delcampe
Bertrand Gore
Nathalie Mesuret
Lotfi Bouchouchi
Nadir Mokneche
Jean-Claude Larrieu
Pierre Bastaroli
Composer (Music Score)
Ludo Troch
Jacques Bufnoir
Production Designer
Olivier Beriot
Costume Designer
Daniel Ollivier
Sound/Sound Designer