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Villa Rides Details


Yul Brynner stars as the legendary Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa in this 1968 epic that was originally written by Sam Peckinpah, who hoped to direct it. But studio bosses instead hired Buzz Kulik and cut the script. Villa is commanded by General Huerta (Herbert Lom) and assisted by the sadistic Fierro (Charles Bronson). Captain Francisco Ramirez (Frank Wolff) is a counter-revolutionary leader for whom an American pilot, Lee Arnold (Robert Mitchum), is smuggling guns from Texas. While Arnold is in a small village waiting for his place to be fixed, he sees Ramirez's troops attack the village and get routed by Villa. The rebels arrest Arnold for gun-running and sentence him to face a firing squad. He works a deal to save his skin by agreeing to fly missions for the revolutionaries. While Villa's men attack a train, Arnold bombs government troops with grenades. Arnold's aerial support saves Villa when he is sent on a doomed mission by Huerta, who is vying with Villa for power. Arnold escapes to Texas and Villa is arrested for disobeying Huerta's orders. Villa eventually escapes, finds Arnold in Texas, and convinces him to fight again for the revolution, which is now targeting Huerta, who has assassinated the Mexican president and taken power. ~ Michael Betzold, Rovi


Yul Brynner
as Pancho Villa
Robert Mitchum
as Lee
Maria Grazia Buccella
as Fina Gonzalez
Charles Bronson
as Fierro
Jill Ireland
as Girl in Restaurant
Robert Viharo
as Urbina
Frank Wolff
as Ramirez
Herbert Lom
as Huerta
Alexander Knox
as Madero
Diana Lorys
as Emilita
Fernando Rey
as Fuentes
John Ireland
as Dave, Man in Barber Shop
Robert Towne
John Ireland
as Dave, Man in Barber Shop


Buzz Kulik
Ted Richmond
Sam Peckinpah
Robert Towne
Jack Hildyard
Maurice Jarre
Composer (Music Score)
Maurice Jarre
Musical Direction/Supervision
David Bretherton
Roman Calatayud
Set Designer
Eric Seelig
Costume Designer
Roy Charman
Sound/Sound Designer
Milt Rice
Special Effects
Tony Fuentes
First Assistant Director

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