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The Vigil Details


The suicide of grunge-rock icon Kurt Cobain inspires a pair of young men to rally their friends, borrow a Winnebago, leave their quiet Alberta, Canada hometown, and embark upon a pilgrimage to Seattle. Vegetarians Simon (Damon Johnson) and Nick (Donny Lucas) work at the same hamburger joint and live together. When not working, they chain smoke and hang out with their other friend Murray (Allan Franz) at the local diner where they often discuss the Seattle grunge movement and its spearhead group, Cobain's Nirvana. Shortly after the devastating news of Cobain's death, Simon's estranged brother Jase (Trevor White) and his mousy lover Meg (Tahina Awan) unexpectedly arrive. The five decide that attending the memorial services in Seattle would be therapeutic. Along the way the quintet picks up a beautiful hitchhiking punk rocker (Jane Spence) and a sharp-tongued postgraduate student (Brendan Beiser) who thinks all fairy tales are essentially subtle political statements. As the miles role by, tensions between the long-parted brothers Simon and Jase resurface. ~ Sandra Brennan, Rovi


Justin MacGregor
Claire Queree
Justin MacGregor
Helen Siwak
Musical Direction/Supervision
Reginald Harkema
Graham Twomey
Production Designer
Jaye Gruspier
Set Designer
Deiter Piltz
Sound/Sound Designer
David Xenis
First Assistant Director