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A View to a Kill Details


Secret Agent 007 must stop a megalomaniacal technology mogul from destroying Silicon Valley in this fourteenth episode of the long-running James Bond series. Computer baron Max Zorin (Christopher Walken) is planning to trigger a major California earthquake in order to wipe out his competitors. Bond is dispatched to stop him in Europe, where he is partnered with Sir Godfrey Tibbet (Patrick MacNee). Sent in to slow down Bond and Company is Max Zorin's sadistic and murderous sidekick May Day (Grace Jones), the first of two Bond girls in the film (the other being Tanya Roberts). The expected high-wire confrontations ensue, including a parachute jump off the Eiffel Tower, a drive through the streets of Paris with a car cut in half, and a life-or-death struggle with a blimp on top of the Golden Gate Bridge. This production is most notable for the fact that it marked the final appearance of Roger Moore as the dashing Bond. ~ Judd Blaise, Rovi

  • Release date:May 24, 1985


Roger Moore
as James Bond
Christopher Walken
as Max Zorin
Tanya Roberts
as Stacey Sutton
Grace Jones
as May Day
Patrick Macnee
as Tibbett
Patrick Bauchau
as Scarpine
Fiona Fullerton
as Pola Ivanova
David Yip
as Chuck Lee
Manning Redwood
as Bob Conley
Alison Doody
as Jenny Flex
Willoughby Gray
as Dr. Carl Mortner
Desmond Llewelyn
as Q
Lois Maxwell
as Miss Moneypenny
Walter Gotell
as Gen. Gogol
Geoffrey Keen
as Minister of Defense
Bogdan Kominowski
as Klotkoff
Jean Rougerie
as Aubergine
Papillon Soo Soo
as Pan Ho
Ron Tarr
as Guard
Carole Ashby
as Whistling Girl
Lucien Jerome
as Paris Taxi Driver
Bill Ackridge
as O'Rourke
Gerard Buhr
as Auctioneer
Joe Flood
as U.S. Police Captain
Taylor McAuley
as Guard
Dolph Lundgren
as Venz
Peter Ensor
as Tycoon
Seva Novgorodtsev
as Helicopter Pilot
Tony Sibbald
as Mine Foreman
Daniel Benzali
as Howe
Robert Brown
as M
Anthony Chinn
as Taiwanese Tycoon
Mary Stavin
as Kimberley Jones
Dominique Risbourg
as Butterfly Act Compere


John Glen
Albert R. Broccoli
Michael G. Wilson
Michael G. Wilson
Richard Maibaum
Alan Hume
John Barry
John Barry
Composer (Music Score)
Armin Ganz
Production Designer
Peter Lamont
Production Designer
John Fenner
Art Director
Tom Pevsner
Associate Producer
Crispian Sallis
Set Designer
Emma Porteous
Costume Designer
Ken Morris
Special Effects
Willy Neuner
Special Effects
Lawrence James Cavanaugh
Special Effects
Joss Williams
Special Effects
John Richardson
Special Effects
Gerry Gavigan
First Assistant Director
Bob Simmons
Gerry Crampton
Claude Carliez
Debbie McWilliams
Don Lusher
Musical Performer