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Videodrome Details


Hardcore pornography, sadomasochism, mind control, and living televisions all play crucial roles in Videodrome, one of director David Cronenberg's explorations of dangerous sexuality and technological obsession. The morally questionable hero of the tale is one Max Renn (James Woods), a television executive searching for an intense new program for his sex-oriented network. He ultimately discovers an underground program called "Videodrome," which appears to broadcast pornographic snuff films of actual murders. Horrified but perversely intrigued, Renn sets out to find the truth behind the program. During his search, he meets alluring femme fatale Nicki (Blondie lead singer Debbie Harry), technology cult leader Bianca O'Blivion, and other mysterious figures. Things become even more disturbing for Renn as his addiction grows, and the program begins to infect the outside world -- or perhaps merely destroy own his sanity. Cronenberg mingles his cerebral concerns about the nature of reality in the video age with enough visceral gore (courtesy of Rick Baker) to satisfy the film's intended horror audience. ~ Judd Blaise, Rovi

  • Release date:November 25, 1983


Awarded by
Genie Awards Les Carlson Best Supporting Actor 1984 Nominee
Genie Awards Mark Irwin Best Cinematography 1984 Nominee
Genie Awards Peter Dvorsky Best Supporting Actor 1984 Nominee
Genie Awards Ronald Sanders Best Editing 1984 Nominee
Genie Awards Sonja Smits Best Supporting Actress 1984 Nominee
Genie Awards David Cronenberg Best Director 1984 Winner
Genie Awards David Cronenberg Best Screenplay 1984 Nominee
Genie Awards Carol Spier Best Art Direction 1984 Nominee


James Woods
as Max Renn
Sonja Smits
as Bianca O'Blivion
Deborah Harry
as Nicki Brand
Peter Dvorsky
as Harlan
Les Carlson
as Barry Convex
Jack Creley
as Prof. Brian O'Blivion
Lynne Gorman
as Marsha
Julie Khaner
as Briley
Lally Cadeau
as Rena King
Sam Malkin
as Bum
David Bolt
as Rafe
Kay Hawtry
as Matron
Henry Gomez
as Brolley
Harvey Chao
as Japanese Salesman
Jayne Eastwood
as Caller
David Bolt
as Rafe
Harvey Chao
as Japanese Salesman
Henry Gomez
as Brolley
Kay Hawtry
as Matron


David Cronenberg
Claude Heroux
David Cronenberg
Mark Irwin
Howard Shore
Composer (Music Score)
Ronald Sanders
Carol Spier
Production Designer
Lawrence Nesis
Associate Producer
Pierre David
Executive Producer
Victor Solnicki
Executive Producer
Delphine White
Costume Designer
Rick Baker
Makeup Special Effects