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The Veils of Bagdad Details


It's a toss-up as to who looks better unclothed in Universal's Veils of Bagdad: Hero Victor Mature or heroine Mari Blanchard. Mature plays a Robin-Hood type named Antar, who travels with a troupe of jugglers and wrestlers, all of whom double as thieves, pickpockets and second-story men. When the evil Pasha of Bagdad (Leon Askin) conspires with the equally evil Vizier (Guy Rolfe) to steal tax money to finance a private war, Antar and his gang swings into action. Blanchard plays Selima, the toothsome daughter of a murdered tribal chieftain who works as a cabaret dancer while searching for her dad's murderer. TV fans are advised to keep an eye out for future Baretta star Robert Blake, who shows up in a bit as a youthful beggar. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


Victor Mature
as Antar
Mari Blanchard
as Selima
Virginia Field
as Rosanna
Guy Rolfe
as Kasseim
Leon Askin
as Pasha Hammam
James Arness
as Targut
Nick Cravat
as Ahmed
Ludwig Donath
as Kaffar
Howard Petrie
as Karsh
Charles Arnt
as Zapolya
Jackie Loughery
as Handmaiden
David Sharpe
as Ben Ali
Sammy Stein
as Abdullah
Glenn Strange
as Mik-Kel
Charles Wagenheim
as Bedouin Spy
Chester Hayes
as Wrestler
George Lewis
as Captain
Dale Van Sickel
as Messenger
Ben Welden
as Stout Wrestler
Stuart Whitman
as Sergeant
Gregg Palmer
as Osman
Robert Blake
as Beggar Boy
Dale Van Sickel
as Messenger
Gregg Palmer
as Osman
Ben Welden
as Stout Wrestler
George Lewis
as Captain
Stuart Whitman
as Sergeant


George Sherman
Russell Metty
Joseph E. Gershenson
Musical Direction/Supervision
Henry Mancini
Composer (Music Score)
Herman Stein
Composer (Music Score)
Milton Rosen
Composer (Music Score)
Paul Weatherwax
Alexander Golitzen
Art Director
John P. Austin
Set Designer
Rosemary Odell
Costume Designer
Joe Lapis
Sound/Sound Designer
Fred Frank
First Assistant Director
Eugene Loring
Bud Westmore