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Predating the 1990s cycle of vampire-stripper films ([[Feature~V135472~From Dusk Till Dawn~fromdusktilldawn]], [[Feature~V136480~Bordello of Blood~talesfromthecryptpresentsbordelloofblood]], etc.) this cynical entry from director [[Performer~P116417~Richard Wenk~richardwenk]] concerns frat boys looking for a go-go girl to perform at their upcoming party. Wandering to the wrong side of town, the randy youths enter a seedy strip joint populated by vampires. [[Performer~P36108~Grace Jones~gracejones]] is the nasty ringleader, Katrina, who acknowledges the film's debt to Hammer's [[Feature~V52167~Vampire Circus~vampirecircus]] by performing an erotic dance painted in zebra-stripes. Among the heroes, co-star [[Performer~P62171~Robert Rusler~robertrusler]] is far more interesting than the bland lead ([[Performer~P44756~Chris Makepeace~chrismakepeace]]), while [[Performer~P74898~Gedde Watanabe~geddewatanabe]] manages to be both unfunny and offensive by turning in the most ridiculously stereotyped Asian performance since [[Performer~P116130~John Wayne~johnwayne]] assayed Genghis Khan in [[Feature~V10797~The Conqueror~theconqueror]]. This is the least of the comedic vampire films that came out in the mid-'80s, and although [[Performer~P20039~Billy Drago~billydrago]] is menacing as the evil Snow and [[Performer~P212637~Greg Cannom~gregcannom]]'s special effects are striking, Vamp remains unfunny and not frightening in the least. Famed female bodybuilder [[Performer~P144912~Lisa Lyon~lisalyon]] appears as a stripper named Cinnamon, and [[Performer~P56465~Dedee Pfeiffer~dedeepfeiffer]], [[Performer~P58120~Hy Pyke~hypyke]], and [[Performer~P7703~Simmy Bow~simmybow]] are among the recognizable supporting cast. ~ Robert Firsching, Rovi

  • Release date:July 18, 1986


Chris Makepeace
as Keith
Sandy Baron
as Vic
Robert Rusler
as A.J.
DeDee Pfeiffer
as Amaretto
Gedde Watanabe
as Duncan
Grace Jones
as Katrina
Billy Drago
as Snow
Brad Logan
as Vlad
Lisa Lyon
as Cimmaron
Roger Hampton
as Police
Ytossie Patterson
Cathy Cavadini
David McCharen
Larry Spinak
as Student
Robin Kaufman
as Little Girl
Trudel Williams
as Dragon Girl
Greg Finley
Gary Swailes
as Sock Salesman
Tricia Brown
as Candi
Bryan Michael McGuire
as Pool Player
Andy Rivas
as Police
Jim Boyle
as Fraternity Leader
Ray Ballard
as Coffee Shop Proprietor
Thomas Bellin
as Shorty
Dar Robinson
as Security Guard
Bob Schott
as Gang Leader
Adam Barth
Greg Lewis
as Bus Driver
Eric Welch
as Student
Jan Rabson
Naomi Shohan
as Bartendress
Stuart Rogers
as Student
Leila Hee Olsen
as Seko
Francie Swift
as Dominique
Janeen Davis
as Bartendress
Paunita Nichols
as Maven
Tanya Papanicolas
as Waitress
Julius Le Flore
as Garbage Truck Driver
Dennis Tufano
Hy Pyke
as Desk Clerk
Marlon McGann
as Hard Hat
Simmy Bow
as Bum
Bill Morphew
as Dragon
Mitch Carter
Deborah Fallender
Hilary Carlip
as Jess
Marilyn Schreffler


Richard Wenk
Donald P. Borchers
Donald P. Borchers
Screen Story
Donald P. Borchers
Richard Wenk
Screen Story
Richard Wenk
Elliot Davis
Jonathan Elias
Composer (Music Score)
Marc Grossman
Alan Roderick-Jones
Production Designer
Carol Clements
Art Director
Philip Aja
Art Director
Jarn Heil
Special Effects
Clint Colver
Jesse Wayne
Russell Clark
Dar Robinson
Stunts Coordinator
Pamela Westmore
Robin Beauchesne