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Vagabond, directed by Agnes Varda is the dark disturbing story of a female drifter named Mona (Sandrine Bonnaire). The film opens as Mona's frozen body is found in a drainage ditch and proceeds to tell her story in a series of flashbacks and semi-documentary style "interviews" with the people who have known Mona during the last few weeks of her life. Mona is a distant, independent and not-very-likeable woman who goes from place to place, living where she can and with anyone who will take her in. Mona's true nature remains a puzzle, both to those who thought they knew her, and to the audience. As the movie progresses it becomes clear that no one knew the true Mona and she, because of her aloofness and essential coldness, provided a canvas for those she met to write upon. Who Mona really was, and what she thought remains ambiguous. Sandrine Bonnaire is excellent as Mona, making an unappealing and cold character interesting and intriguing. Director Agnes Varda began her career as a still photographer. This beginning is evident in her elegant framing of the film. She has an instinctive awareness of and a photographer's eye for visual detail which makes the film cold, bleak, and aridly beautiful. Internationally acclaimed, Vagabond is Varda's most successful film. ~ Linda Rasmussen, Rovi

  • Release date:March 15, 2013


Awarded by
French Academy of Cinema Sandrine Bonnaire Best Actress 1985 Winner
Los Angeles Film Critics Association Sandrine Bonnaire Best Actress 1985 Winner
Venice International Film Festival Agnès Varda Golden Lion 1985 Winner


Sandrine Bonnaire
as Mona
Macha Meril
as Madame Landier
Stéphane Freiss
as Jean-Pierre
Yolande Moreau
as Yolande
Laurence Cortadellas
as Eliane
Marthe Jarnias
as Tante Lydie
Joel Fosse
as Paulo
Yahiaoui Assouna
as Assoun (the vineyard worker)
Patrick Sokol
as le jaune homme au sandwich
Raymond Roulle
as le vieux aux allumettes
Katy Champaud
as la jeune fille e la pompe
Pierre Imbert
as le garagiste
Jacques Berthier
as Le petit monsieur blen-mis
Setti Ramdane
Daniel Bos
as Le demolisseur
Dominique Durand
as le premier motard
Patrick Schmit
as le camionneur


Agnès Varda
Oury Milshtein
Agnès Varda
Patrick Blossier
Joanna Bruzdowicz
Composer (Music Score)
Agnès Varda
Patricia Mazuy
Jean Bauer
Set Designer
Anne Violet
Set Designer