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Uptown Saturday Night Details


Uptown Saturday Night is a delightful comedy directed by and starring Sidney Poitier. Steve Jackson (Sidney Poitier) is a factory worker. One evening, when boredom gets the best of him, Steve and his pal Wardell (Bill Cosby) decide to go to an underground gambling club to have some fun. While they are there the place is held-up and Steve's wallet is stolen. When Steve and Wardell learn that the wallet contains a winning lottery ticket, the friends go on a desperate search to find it. Shape Eye Washington (Richard Prior), an incompetent private eye, is enlisted to aid them in their search through the criminal underworld where they come up against Geechie Dan Beauford (Harry Belafonte) the mobster who runs the town. Belafonte, in a hilarious parody of Marlon Brando in Marlon Brando, steals the show. The movie was a huge success and led to two sequels, Marlon Brando and Marlon Brando, both also directed by Poitier. ~ Linda Rasmussen, Rovi


Sidney Poitier
as Steve Jackson
Bill Cosby
as Wardell Franklin
Harry Belafonte
as Geechie Dan Beauford
Calvin Lockhart
as Silky Slim
Flip Wilson
as The Reverend
Richard Pryor
as Sharp Eye Washington
Rosalind Cash
as Sarah Jackson
Lee Chamberlin
as Madame Zenobia
Paula Kelly
as Leggy Peggy
Ketty Lester
as Irma Franklin
Harold Nicholas
as Little Seymour
Lincoln Kilpatrick
as Slim's Henchman #1
Johnny Sekka
as Geechie's Henchman
Don Marshall
as Slim's Henchman #2
Roscoe Lee Browne
as Congressman Lincoln


Sidney Poitier
Melville Tucker
Richard Wesley
Fred Koenekamp
Morgan Ames
Tom Scott
Tom Scott
Composer (Music Score)
Alfred Sweeney
Production Designer
Charles Spurgeon
Special Effects
Monty Westmore