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Brit Badasses


Colin Firth kills it (and kills, period) in this violent, funny actioner as a British spy who trains his protege to help him save the world from a lisping madman. Beware ladies with foot blades...

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Spring Spring   Opens Mar.20, 2015
WARx2 WARx2  (PG-13) Opens Mar.20, 2015
The Divergent Series: Insurgent The Divergent Series: Insurgent  (PG-13) Opens Mar.20, 2015
Danny Collins Danny Collins  (R) Opens Mar.20, 2015
Tracers Tracers  (PG-13) Opens Mar.20, 2015
Accidental Love Accidental Love  (PG-13) Opens Mar.20, 2015
The Riot Club The Riot Club  (R) Opens Mar.27, 2015
While We're Young While We're Young  (R) Opens Mar.27, 2015
A Little Chaos A Little Chaos  (R) Opens Mar.27, 2015
Nightlight Nightlight  (R) Opens Mar.27, 2015
White God White God  (R) Opens Mar.27, 2015
Get Hard Get Hard  (R) Opens Mar.27, 2015