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So Bad It's Good?

The Boy Next Door

Critics panned it, but Jennifer Lopez's psychological thriller was the number one new movie in theaters last weekend. 

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Seventh Son Seventh Son  (PG-13) Opens Feb.06, 2015
Ballet 422 Ballet 422  (PG) Opens Feb.06, 2015
Pass the Light Pass the Light   Opens Feb.06, 2015
The Voices The Voices  (R) Opens Feb.06, 2015
Outcast Outcast   Opens Feb.06, 2015
Jupiter Ascending Jupiter Ascending  (PG-13) Opens Feb.06, 2015
The Last Five Years The Last Five Years   Opens Feb.13, 2015
Because I Was a Painter Because I Was a Painter   Opens Feb.13, 2015
Kingsman: The Secret Service Kingsman: The Secret Service  (R) Opens Feb.13, 2015
Old Fashioned Old Fashioned  (PG-13) Opens Feb.13, 2015
Roy Roy   Opens Feb.13, 2015
Fifty Shades of Grey Fifty Shades of Grey  (R) Opens Feb.13, 2015