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Ready for more young adults on the run in a dystopian, post-apocalyptic society? 

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Rebels of the Neon God Rebels of the Neon God  (R) Opens Apr.10, 2015
The Longest Ride The Longest Ride  (PG-13) Opens Apr.10, 2015
Kill Me Three Times Kill Me Three Times  (R) Opens Apr.10, 2015
Ex Machina Ex Machina  (R) Opens Apr.10, 2015
Desert Dancer Desert Dancer  (PG-13) Opens Apr.10, 2015
Living in the Age of Airplanes Living in the Age of Airplanes   Opens Apr.10, 2015
The Squeeze The Squeeze  (PG-13) Opens Apr.17, 2015
Nanak Shah Fakir Nanak Shah Fakir   Opens Apr.17, 2015
True Story True Story  (R) Opens Apr.17, 2015
Unfriended Unfriended  (R) Opens Apr.17, 2015
Tangerines Tangerines   Opens Apr.17, 2015
Mr. X Mr. X   Opens Apr.17, 2015