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Who You Gonna Call?


Some of the funniest comedians on the planet have all been brought together to reboot Ghostbusters, the iconic franchise about a team of underdogs saving New York City from an otherworldly invasion.

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Nerve Nerve  (PG-13) Opens Jul.27, 2016
Viral Viral  (R) Opens Jul.29, 2016
Indignation Indignation  (R) Opens Jul.29, 2016
Jason Bourne Jason Bourne  (PG-13) Opens Jul.29, 2016
League Of Gods League Of Gods   Opens Jul.29, 2016
Bad Moms Bad Moms  (R) Opens Jul.29, 2016
Barbie™ Star Light Adventure Barbie™ Star Light Adventure  (PG) Opens Jul.30, 2016
Nine Lives Nine Lives  (PG) Opens Aug.05, 2016
Suicide Squad Suicide Squad  (PG-13) Opens Aug.05, 2016
Little Men Little Men  (PG) Opens Aug.05, 2016
The Brooklyn Banker The Brooklyn Banker   Opens Aug.05, 2016
The Remains The Remains   Opens Aug.05, 2016