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Lt. (jg) Ken Braden (James Garner) is a US Navy frogman and underwater demolitions expert who is assigned to a vital mission, and to a submarine captained by Commander Stevenson Edmond O'Brien. But Stevenson is a CO who may have seen too many men die -- the two immediately come into conflict over Braden's presence on the boat and his mission, a top secret foray into Japanese waters that jeopardizes the boat. The captain, in his strict adherence to regulations, makes it as difficult as possible for Braden to carry out his assignment, and Braden doesn't make matters easier between them by speaking his mind. And the crew's low morale only makes matters worse as the voyage progresses and the dangers around them mount. ~ Bruce Eder, Rovi


James Garner
as Ken Braden
Edmond O'Brien
as Stevenson
Andra Martin
as Sally
Alan Hale, Jr.
as Malone
Carleton Carpenter
as Carney
William Leslie
as Doherty
Richard Bakalyan
as Peck
Edward Byrnes
as Ash
Sean Garrison
as Floyd
Henry Kulky
as York
Warren Oates


Aubrey Schenk
Robb White
Book Author
Carl Guthrie
Ray Heindorf
Composer (Music Score)
Gordon Bau