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Up in Daisy's Penthouse Details


This [[Performer~P33523~Shemp Howard~shemphoward]]-era [[Performer~P70872~Three Stooges~thethreestooges]] comedy was a remake of the boys' 1937 film [[Feature~V143895~Three Dumb Clucks~threedumbclucks]], made when [[Performer~P33470~Curly Howard~curlyhoward]] was part of the lineup. The only real difference (other than the lineup change) is that this time around the [[Performer~P70872~Stooges~thethreestooges]] aren't in jail, they're living with their mother. She wakes them up with the lament, "Now that I'm old your father has divorced me!" Pop Stooge ([[Performer~P33523~Shemp~shemphoward]] in gray hair and muttonchop sideburns) is getting ready to marry Daisy ([[Performer~P219304~Connie Cezon~conniecezon]]), a golddigger. But he's unaware that she's part of a gang who plan to murder him for his money. The [[Performer~P70872~Stooges~thethreestooges]] don't realize this either, and when Pop goes to the barber's to shave off his sideburns and dye his hair, they have [[Performer~P33523~Shemp~shemphoward]] impersonate him for Daisy. Too late, [[Performer~P33523~Shemp~shemphoward]] discovers the murder scheme and the moment the wedding is over he tries to make an escape. This is complicated -- for the crooks, at least -- by the fact that Pop Stooge has arrived. Just when the crooks get rid of one [[Performer~P33523~Shemp~shemphoward]], another [[Performer~P33523~Shemp~shemphoward]] appears. All three [[Performer~P70872~Stooges~thethreestooges]] try to make an escape by climbing a flagpole, which the crooks break over the side of the high rise apartment building. The boys are headed towards the pavement but their fall is broken first by an awning, and then when they fall on somebody -- it's their Pop, who emerges from a patch of wet cement with his cigar coming out of his nose. "I'm mortified!" he barks in a [[Performer~P20749~Jimmy Durante~jimmydurante]] rasp before the boys cart him off to Ma. ~ Janiss Garza, Rovi


Jules White