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Universal Soldier Details


Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren play archenemies from beyond the grave in this action film. During the Vietnam War, Luc (Van Damme), hoping to be sent home, comes upon blood-crazy Scott (Lundgren), who is starting a one-man genocide program. When Luc tries to stop Scott's carnage, Scott fights back and they end up killing each other. But now the government gets involved, cryogenically freezing their corpses and using their bodies in a secret government project call "UniSols" --turning the dead men into android fighting machines. Luc and Scott are now metallic fighting members of a robot SWAT team. But Luc begin to have flashbacks to the final moments of his life in Vietnam, as does Scott, who recalls that one of his final thoughts was to kill Luc. Meanwhile, a snoopy reporter named Veronica (Ally Walker) stumbles upon the secret of the UniSols, and soon Luc is trying to save both himself and Veronica from the wrath of Scott, who is trying to kill them both. All of the action culminates in a wild chase between a prison bus and a UniSols van, racing around hairpin turns on desert precipices. ~ Paul Brenner, Rovi

  • Release date:July 10, 1992


Jean-Claude Van Damme
as Luc Devreux
Dolph Lundgren
as Andrew Scott
Ally Walker
as Veronica Roberts
Ed O'Ross
as Col. Perry
Jerry Orbach
as Dr. Gregor
Leon Rippy
as Woodward
Tico Wells
as Garth
Ralph Moeller
as GR76
Robert Trebor
as Motel Owner
Paul Raczkowski
as Briefing Officer
Kamel Krifa
as H. T
Joe Malone
as Huey
Joanne Baron
as Waitress
Allan Graf
as Cook
Mike Rauseo
as Reporter at Hoover Dam
Mirron E. Willis
as Sharpshooter
Tom Taglang
as Soldier
Stephen Wolfe Smith
as Reporter at Hoover Dam
Rachel Wagner
as Girl in Motel
Monty Laird
as Attendant
Eric Norris
as GR86
Eddie Braun
as Sniper
Dave Efron
as Trucker
Lilyan Chauvin
as Mrs. Devreux
Leilani Jones
as Reporter at Hoover Dam
Donna Hardy
as Old Woman
Rodd Wolff
as Policeman
Gene Davis
as Lieutenant
Lupe Ontiveros
as Maid
Ned Bellamy
as FBI Agent
Simon Rhee
as GR61
Bradford Bancroft
as Powell
Annette Benson
George Fisher
as Patrolman
Rance Howard
as Mr. Devreux
Drew Snyder
as Charles
R.D. Carpenter
as Policeman
Jack Moore
as Witzy
Duane Davis
as Policeman
Leon Delaney
as Patrolman
Thomas Rosales, Jr.
as Wagner
Trini Tran
as Vietnamese Girl
Daniel Demorest
as Radio Operator
Jill Jaress
as Television News Crew Member
Michael Winther
as Technician
Shane Dixon
as Policeman
Tai Thai
as Vietnamese Boy
Jophery Brown
as Thug
John de Mita
as Television News Crew Member
Brandon Lambdin
as Boy in Motel
Michael Jai White
as Soldier
Tanner Gill
as Masked Gunman
Tommy "Tiny" Lister, Jr.
as GR55
Penny Perry
Joel Kramer
as Policeman
John Storey
as Clark
Walter Robles
as Sniper


Roland Emmerich
Allen Shapiro
Joel B. Michaels
Craig Baumgarten
Richard Rothstein
Mike Gray
Dean Devlin
Christopher Leitch
Leslie Bohem
Andrew Davis
Karl Walter Lindenlaub
Christopher Franke
Composer (Music Score)
Holger Gross
Production Designer
Nelson Coates
Art Director
Oliver Eberle
Donald Heitzer
Associate Producer
Mario Kassar
Executive Producer
Joseph Porro
Costume Designer
Kit West
Special Effects
Vic Armstrong
Penny Perry