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Union Pacific Details


Cecil B. DeMille takes us back to the 1860s, then rebuilds the first intercontinental railroad in Union Pacific. The real-life spectacle is occasionally interrupted by the fictional adventures of railroad overseer Joel McCrea, postmistress Barbara Stanwyck (with an incredible Irish brogue), and McCrea's best pal Robert Preston. Unfortunately Preston has fallen in with Brian Donlevy, who is dedicated to destroying the Union Pacific railroad on behalf of a crooked political cartel. During an Indian attack, McCrea and Preston fight side by side to save Stanwyck, prompting Preston to turn honest. On the day in 1869 that the "Golden Spike" is to be driven at Promontory Point, Preston is killed saving McCrea from Donlevy's bullets. Union Pacific owes a great deal to John Ford's 1924 film on the same subject, The Iron Horse, even restaging one or two major action sequences from the earlier film. This DeMille spectacular was a big hit with audiences of 1939, who craved a booster shot of flag-waving now and again. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


Awarded by
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Farciot Edouart Best Special Effects 1939 Nominee
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Gordon Jennings Best Special Effects 1939 Nominee


Barbara Stanwyck
as Mollie Monohan
Joel McCrea
as Jeff Butler
Akim Tamiroff
as Fiesta
Robert Preston
as Dick Allen
Lynne Overman
as Leach Overmile
Brian Donlevy
as Sid Campeau
Anthony Quinn
as Jack Cordray
Evelyn Keyes
as Mrs. Calvin
Stanley Ridges
as Gen. Casement
Regis Toomey
as Paddy O'Rourke
Sid Saylor
as Barker
J.M. Kerrigan
as Monahan
William Haade
as Dusky Clayton
Harry Woods
as Al Brett
Fuzzy Knight
as Cookie
Henry Kolker
as Asa M. Barrows
Richard Lane
as Sam Reed
Noble Johnson
as Indian
Joe Sawyer
as Shamus
May Beatty
as Mrs. Hogan
Nora Cecil
as Woman
Julia Faye
as Mame
Ruth Warren
as Mrs. Cassidy
Iron Eyes Cody
as Indian
Stanley Andrews
as Dr. Harkness
Chief Thundercloud
as Indian
Francis McDonald
as Gen. Grenville M. Dodge
Sam McDaniel
Jack Pennick
as Harmonica Player
Lane Chandler
as Conductor
James Flavin
as Paddy
Max Davidson
George Regas
Charles Stevens
Richard Denning
as Reporter
James Pierce
as Card Player
Frank Yaconelli
as Accordion Player
Robert E. Homans
Morgan Wallace
as Sen. Smith
Byron Foulger
as Andrew Whipple
Nestor Paiva
as C.P. Conductor
David Newell
as Reporter
Frank Shannon
William Worthington
as Oliver Ames
Davison Clark
as Doctor
William Pawley
as Dinty
Jane Keckley
Louis Natheaux
Selmar Jackson
as Jerome
Si Jenks
Walter Long
as Irishman
Buddy Roosevelt
as Fireman
Willard Robertson
as Oakes Ames
Edward J. Le Saint
Emory Parnell
Guy Usher
as Leland Stanford
Paul Everton
as Rev. Dr. Tadd
Lon Chaney, Jr.
as Dollarhide
Jack Richardson
Florence Lake
Richard Alexander
Russell Hicks
as Sergeant
Joseph Crehan
as Gen. U.S. Grant
Ernie S. Adams
as Gen. Sheridan
Monte Blue
as Indian
Wilbur Mack
Pat Moriarity
John Merton
as Laborer


Cecil B. DeMille
Cecil B. DeMille
Walter de Leon
Jesse Lasky, Jr.
C. Gardner Sullivan
Dewey Wrigley
Victor Milner
Irvin Talbot
Musical Direction/Supervision
Sigmund Krumgold
Composer (Music Score)
Anne Bauchens
Roland Anderson
Art Director
Hans Dreier
Art Director
William Pine
Associate Producer
William Le Baron
Executive Producer
Gordon Jennings
Special Effects
Farciot Edouart
Special Effects