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Unforgettable Details


Iconoclastic director John Dahl used a screenplay by John Geddie as the basis for this far-fetched story of a man -- suspected of killing his wife -- who borrows murder victims' memories to track the real culprit. Ray Liotta plays Dr. David Krane, a Seattle medical examiner charged with murdering his wife Cara (Caroline Elliot). Charges are dropped because a police officer mishandled evidence. Krane has recovered from alcoholism and is obsessed with proving his innocence. While investigating a store shooting, he discovers clues that convince him that the murderer also killed his wife. Krane attends a lecture by researcher Dr. Martha Briggs (Linda Fiorentino), who is studying a technique to transfer memory that involves injecting rats with the spinal fluid of other rats combined with a serum that she has perfected. Krane steals the serum, breaks into a police evidence room and steals his wife's spinal fluid, and injects himself, even though Briggs has warned that the technique may lead to heart attacks in humans. It's not until Krane has injected himself with the fluid of the store shooting victims that he gets a clear picture of the presumed killer, Eddie Dutton (Kim Coates). ~ Michael Betzold, Rovi


Ray Liotta
as Dr. David Krane
Linda Fiorentino
as Dr. Martha Briggs
Peter Coyote
as Don Bresler
Christopher McDonald
as Stewart Gleick
Kim Cattrall
as Kelly
Kim Coates
as Eddie Dutton
Caroline Elliott
as Cara Krane
David Paymer
as Curtis Avery
William B. Davis
as Doctor
Duncan Fraser
as Michael Stratton
Garwin Sanford
as Joseph Hodner
Suzy Joachim
as Sheila Wills
Colleen Rennison
as Lindy Krane


John Dahl
Dino de Laurentiis
Bill Geddie
Jeffrey Jur
Christopher Young
Composer (Music Score)
Scott Chestnut
Eric L. Beason
Robert Pearson
Production Designer
Doug Byggdin
Art Director
Rick Dahl
Executive Producer
William Teitler
Executive Producer
Andrew Lazar
Executive Producer
Glenne Campbell
Costume Designer
Terry Dresbach
Costume Designer
Eric Batut
Sound/Sound Designer
Eric Heffron
First Assistant Director
Bill Stewart
Garvin Cross
Scott Ateah
Carol Lewis
Lucio Trentini
Line Producer