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Unearthed Details


When an unexplained trucking accident knocks out phone lines in the town of Pueblo, NM, and blocks the only route out of town, an investigation into the cause of the crash reveals an otherworldly creature that could pose a threat to the entire human race. Awakening from her usual hangover to investigate a herd of cattle that has been mutilated almost beyond recognition, Pueblo sheriff Annie is summoned to the scene of a mysterious semi accident. Though the only clue as to the identity to the driver is a severed limb, Sheriff Annie does discover a bizarre, crab-like leg stuck in the grill of the scorched tanker. Meanwhile, on another stretch of the same highway, vacationing sisters Ally and Caya stop to pick up a ruggedly handsome ranch hand named Charlie, whose car has stalled out miles away from a gas station or repair shop. Upon arriving at the only gas station in Pueblo, the trio is greeted by Nodin and her grandfather and informed that not only are the pumps dry, but that the only route out of town is blocked by the accident as well. Also trapped at the station is traveling salesman Frank, who specializes in synthetic urine. As night draws near Sheriff Annie arrives at the gas station to share her strange discovery with botany specialist Nodin, who can find no earthly explanation for the unidentified appendage. Later, when Ally decides to pitch in by taking out the trash, she is savagely mauled by a vicious creature that has just torn the patrons of a local bar limb from limb. As the night drags on and the bloodbath continues, the frightened group discovers that their only hope for survival may the very same Native American girl responsible to unleashing the relentless beast in the first place. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

  • Release date:November 9, 2007


Matthew Leutwyler
Miranda Bailey
J. Marini
Jun Tan
Francey Grace
Matthew Leutwyler
Ross Richardson
Joseph Bishara
Composer (Music Score)
Shawna Callahan
Chris DeMuri
Production Designer
Julie Sandor
TyRuben Ellingson
Executive Producer
Carolyn Leone-Smith
Costume Designer
Les Boothe
Set Decorator
April Cech
Sound/Sound Designer
Matthew Henderson
First Assistant Director
Dan Shaner
Michael Testa
David Dozoretz
Visual Effects Supervisor
TyRuben Ellingson
Creature Design