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Undertaking Betty Details


Directed by [[Performer~P228132~Nick Hurran~nickhurran]], Undertaking Betty revolves around the competitive world of undertaking in the Welsh countryside. One of the most respected names in the biz -- Plotz Funeral Homes -- is directed by Boris Plotz ([[Performer~P49914~Alfred Molina~alfredmolina]]), whose youthful dreams consisted of two decidedly cheerier concepts than the embalming process: dancing and marrying his childhood crush, Betty Rhys-Jones ([[Performer~P6748~Brenda Blethyn~brendablethyn]]). Unfortunately, the pressure to take over the family business became too much for Boris to resist, particularly after Betty, despite being secretly in love with Boris, was married off to a known gold digger. Both Betty and Boris' lives remain firmly status quo until the death of Betty's mother-in-law, whose funeral arrangements throw the unsatisfied couple back together. While the spark between Betty and Boris is reignited, rival funeral director Frank Featherbed ([[Performer~P74206~Christopher Walken~christopherwalken]]) grows increasingly angry; the American funeral director desperately wants to revolutionize the U.K. undertaking business with his unique "theme" funerals. Ultimately, Boris and Betty resort to desperate measures -- since the only thing keeping him away from Betty is her two-timing husband, they decide to stage Betty's demise and elope somewhere far away from the death business. ~ Tracie Cooper, Rovi

  • Release date:November 12, 2005


Brenda Blethyn
as Betty Rhys-Jones
Alfred Molina
as Boris Plotz
Christopher Walken
as Frank Featherbed
Naomi Watts
as Meredith
Lee Evans
as Delbert Butterfield
Robert Pugh
as Councillor Hugh Rhys-Jones
Noel Williams
as Rev. Price
Howell Evans
as Dr. Owens
Menna Trussler
as Dilys Rhys-Jones
Ena Cohen
as Candace
Beverly Hotsprings
as Andrea Cass
Miriam Margolyes
as Thelma and Selma


Nick Hurran
Kate Robbins
Jason Piette
Michael Cowan
Suzanne Lyons
Frederick Ponzlov