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Andrew Davis directed this exciting thriller starring Steven Seagal, sans ponytail, and featuring electric, over-the-top performances by Gary Busey and Tommy Lee Jones. This action saga takes place on the battleship USS Missouri, about to be decommissioned from service after a visit from George Bush. When Bush departs the vessel, a band of terrorists overcome the remaining skeleton crew and take over the ship, under the ruse of holding a surprise birthday party for the ship's commander, Captain Adams (Patrick O'Neal). The band is led by Strannix (Jones), a disgruntled ex-CIA operative, and his right-hand man, the psychotic Krill (Busey). The terrorists plan to steal the ship's store of nuclear warheads, transfer them to a stolen North Korean submarine, and sell them to a Middle Eastern country. Unfortunately for Strannix, he has overlooked the ship's cook, Casey Ryback (Seagal). Ryback is a much-honored Navy SEAL who, because of a minor scandal, is quietly completing his twenty-year tour in the galley of the Missouri. Forced into action, Ryback, along with the woman who jumped out of Captain Adams' birthday cake (Erika Eleniak), knocks off the bad guys one-by-one while crawling inside the bowels of the ship. ~ Paul Brenner, Rovi

  • Release date:October 9, 1992


Awarded by
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences John Leveque Best Sound Effects 1992 Nominee
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Scott D. Smith Best Sound 1992 Nominee
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Bruce Stambler Best Sound Effects 1992 Nominee


Steven Seagal
as Casey Ryback
Tommy Lee Jones
as William Strannix
Gary Busey
as Commander Krill
Erika Eleniak
as Jordan Tate
Patrick O'Neal
as Captain Adams
Nick Mancuso
as Tom Breaker
Andy Romano
as Admiral Bates
David McKnight
as Flicker
Joseph Kosala
as Engine Room Watch Officer
Tom Reynolds
as Wave
Brad Rea
as Marine Guard
John Rottger
as Commander Green
Frank Ferrara
as Commando
Robert Nichols
as Colonel Sarnac
Anthony G. Brown
as "The Bail Jumpers"
Pamela Basker
Rickey Pierre
as Kitchen Helper
Tom Muzila
as Cates
David Webster
as Commando
Michael James
as Commando
Richard Davis
as "The Bail Jumpers"
Bernie Casey
as Commander Harris
Conrad Palmisano
as Strike Team Leader
Glenn Morshower
as Ensign Taylor
Colm Meaney
as Doumer
Kirk Burroughs
as Commando
Hiram Bullock
as "The Bail Jumpers"
Jim Chimento
as Commando
Miguel Nino
as Commando
Michael Des Barres
as Domiani
Raymond Cruz
as Ramirez
Troy Evans
as Granger
Daniel Friedman
as Spoon
Tad Robinson
as "The Bail Jumpers"
Duane Davis
as Johnson
Dale Dye
as Captain Garza
Damian Chapa
as Tackman
Gene Barge
as "The Bail Jumpers"
Sandy Ward
as Calaway
Craig Pinkard
as Submariner
Nate Robinson
as Ship's Doctor
Craig Dunn
as Commando
Eddie Bo Smith, Jr.
as Shadow
Daniel Dupont
as Commando
Tom Wood
as Private Nash
George Cheung
as Commando
Jerone Wiggins
as Sammy Lee
Leo Alexzander
as Lieutenant Smart
Richard Jones
as Pitt
Dennis Lipscomb
as Trenton


Andrew Davis
Steven Seagal
Steven E. Reuther
Arnon Milchan
J.F. Lawton
Frank Tidy
Gary Chang
Composer (Music Score)
Don Brochu
Dov Hoenig
Dennis Virkler
Robert A. Ferretti
Peter Macgregor-Scott
Jack B. Bernstein
J.F. Lawton
Executive Producer
Gary W. Goldstein
Executive Producer
Al Manzer
Set Designer
Richard Bruno
Costume Designer
Kane Hodder
Pamela Basker
Scott D. Smith
Sound Recordist
John Leveque
Sound Effects Editor
Bruce Stambler
Sound Effects Editor